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12-31-2007, 05:58 AM
I am currently running (just started, really) a play-by-web game using custom software. I can use a lot more players. The current few players could use some allies, or at least people who are pointing there guns roughly in the same direction as they are. :)

The players are on board the largest passenger liner in Imperial space, the Evergreen. In fact, the largest ship in Imperial space. This ship is over 10 miles long and currently houses about 2 million sentient beings (this count is only an estimate because the stowaways down-under are resistant to being counted).

There is every amenity available on a cruise line, for a price of course...

This is set in a Traveler-inspired universe (other inspirations in include H.P. Lovecraft, EE Doc Smith, and various comics and movies). It started out as a mental exercise to try to figure out why the Traveler rules had such bad computers. I made a few connections, and I figured out one possibility.

Think of this as a Space Opera type of campaign with other elements added. The Evergreen probably has the largest population of spies per capita than any other place in the Imperium, including the Imperial Court. Put that together with a lot of fringe groups who are on board because the Evergreen is heading towards the outer edge of the Imperium right near the Empty Reaches...

I use rules only so that I know about what a character is capable of. I use Tri Stat and run the game as cinematically as possible given the web. I expect players to check in at least daily during busy moments (such as fighting for their lives) but otherwise three to four times a week is fine.

To define a character, read the glossary and some of the discussions at http://enerd.ws/gt/ (user and password = "guest") and send me a private message here. Or sometimes I'm on Yahoo Messenger (NerdBirdYM); my hours are strange. For example, it's 7am and I don't expect to get to sleep for a short nap until 8 or so.

The power levels of the characters can vary from above average to somewhat less than post-human. Players are allowed no cybernetic enhancements (unless they can come up with a good rationale despite me not being able to tell them the real reason).

Have a good day!

01-04-2008, 08:53 PM
I know people have read this. Is there anyone brave enough to try the game? :)

name and password of "guest"

GroveTalk is a conferencing system designed for on-line asynchronous gaming by post. This doesn't run as fast as a game run in person, but can fit almost anyone's schedule.

And no, there is absolutely no cost for this game, except for trouble of working with the user interface I built (or to help me improve it). You can post at any time sending messages either to me or to the various discussion groups.

I try to play role-playing games so that everybody can have fun.

The players don't need to know the mechanics of the game. I build characters from the descriptions that the players give me. I also do the avatars according to their descriptions (unless the players are better than I am at graphics, which is fairly easy). I haven't given any of the players I have currently the numbers for their characters.

There are metapsychic (psionics in most game) abilities. There may or may not be magic (do *you* understand the mechanics of the internet, or do you do as I do, and just type in the box and hit "submit"?).

Have fun gaming!

This is an all-purpose game. I want to run two groups (with possible connections between them); one low-power and one high-power.

Please don't be scared of the glossary, where you will see that most of the people described are of high power (not all of them - some people that have come into contact with the PCs are there as well as some crew members; also there is a fair amount of disinformation in the glossary). Well, those are the people that are known. One PC isn't in the glossary as a visible character because he wants to blend in; that's fine - if you don't make waves you aren't that visible.

If you have a concept for a character, please suggest it even you think I may not like it. I may just not have thought of it.

If you look at the game, and see some problems, please respond (either here or by private message). I can take criticism (trust me, I saw the reviews of my book).

I'm looking here because I'm an adult living in a college town and I have very little contact with people. I've already enlisted the two people I know. Except for the slightly adult content of the game, I'd ask them to convince their 6-year old daughter to play. OK, not much has happened in the discussion groups that way, but there was a fairly steamy exchange between Katrina and Paris France. ;)