View Full Version : Spotlight & Me

09-26-2006, 06:51 PM
Introductions? What a strange way to get in. Spotlight is a character I've played in several Champions (HeroGames) worlds. I now use him mostly in games I try to run for others, but almost exclusivly as the local 'sage', he is semi-retired as an adventurer, but still dables heavily despite his retirement claims.
I am currently trying to get a local group together to play Champions, both face to face, as well as a play by post game. Anyone interested, just leave a message.
As to introducing myself ... I will try to put all pertainant data in the player files, when I figure out where they are. Otherwise, I am fifty-ish, work hard all week, recently widowed, and am desparate for a game. Well, desparate may be a little strong a word ...