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12-24-2007, 12:45 PM
These are listings of the official and third party items produced for the game of BattleTech. The listing of third part literature and products covers only the time that FASA was still in business, 1980 - 2001. Anything produced after that, including Classic BattleTech & MechWarrior Dark Age/Age Of Destruction, is not included in the third party products list. Due to the amount of already available lists on the internet, the BattleTech Trading Card Game was not covered.

The FASA list is complete. The CBT & Novel lists are up to date as of 12/2007. The third party products list is by no means complete. It is merely what I have been able to verify exists. It does not include some items like posters or the miniatures produced by various companies like Ral Partha. If you are able to add to this list or fill in some of the unknown data, please contact me. Many thanks go to Jal Phoenix of the CBT Forums for his help assembling a great deal of the data contained in the Third Party Literature & Products List. Enjoy!

FASA Product Listing (http://www.itemorphanage.com/battletech/FASA%20Product%20Listing.pdf)
Classic BattleTech Product Listing (http://www.itemorphanage.com/battletech/Classic%20BattleTech%20Product%20Listing.pdf)
BattleTech Novel Listing (http://www.itemorphanage.com/battletech/BattleTech%20Novel%20Listing.pdf)
Third Party Literature & Product Listing (http://www.itemorphanage.com/battletech/Third%20Party%20Literature%20and%20Product%20Listi ng.pdf)