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12-14-2007, 12:06 PM
Hi all. Well, I haven't managed to hook up with a group here in Nashville yet, so I figured this was as good a way as any. With the upcoming 4e release, I am really about ready to jettison D&D and looking to try something new. The Battlestar Galactica setting is, of course, awesome and I'm impressed with the basic mechanisms of Cortex, so I figured I would see if there is any interest in starting a BSG campaign.

The basic premise will be an alternate fleet. Specifically the story will be based on a small marine base in the Kuiper belt that was missed by the cylons during the attack (actually the cylons think it was destroyed, but the attack was decoyed to another big rock in close proximity). The base is built into a large asteroid and was used as a 0G /marine fighter training facility. Without a warship like Galactica, running isn't a real option. Support is limited, although a hand full of unregistered mining colonies are now the surviving military's problem and primary source of raw materials and good. The base has 2 squadrons of old Mark IV vipers (not subject to the cylon Virus) and a Celestia class electronic warfare ship that acts as a light training carrier for the base. It was heavily damaged decoying the raider attack, and repairing her will be a primary concern in the early part of the campaign. On the civilian side, several mining ships, a refinery and a flattop survived, in addition to the various "ground" facilities.

Character concepts can be easily drawn from Colonial Marines, miners and their support personnel, possibly fleet personnel assigned to help in fighter training (and with the Fleet being gone, there is lots of room for conflict between the leathernecks who are no longer in the Fleet's shadow with the few Fleet pilots and trainers left behind) and other civilians with a reasonable need to have been in the Belt at the time of the attack (corporate types reviewing progress at mining sites as well as blue collar haulers bringing food/water/supplies come to mind, this isn't all that much of a limitation).

Until I see what I have to work with, I can't get much more specific as to the storyline. However, each player will have 2 characters, 1 Recruit/Veteran who generally gets more into the grunt work of survival/tactical decision making and 1 Skilled Veteran who is generally more responsible for strategic decision making. If military, the former may be at most a Lt or Lt jg, the latter should be no more than a Cpt (there almost certainly will be promotions once I see the characters, but I need to see what I have to assign higher (or lower) ranks). Switching the role (an inexperience higher up with a highly experienced NCO or field worker is also doable but keep in mind the advantages and limitations for each character the Chief is still subject to every Lt and an inexperienced Cpt may well get sidelined by others, which can make for interesting role playing anyway).

I would want to meet maybe 1/week - Friday night, any time Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening.

So, is there any interest? I'll leave this up through the first week of January '08 and make a decision based on interest.