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12-13-2007, 08:51 AM
Hi, on going Champion Group is looking for a few more member to fill out the group numbers.

We currently have two campaigns, a goverment supported Super group of canadian supers and a more darker cyber punk / super campaign base in near future and we switch between the two.

We meet weekly/ biweekly depending on the players and GM schedules at the Neutral Ground a Game store in mid town Manhattan.

02-05-2008, 12:16 PM
I might be interested. Can you tell me a lil more about the campaigns?

02-06-2008, 07:46 PM
Well the Canadian Campaign is buildt around a government sponored super team, like Marvel Comic's Alpha Flight.

The team is fairly low level team, and consist of five members..

The Second Campaign is my, and it occurs in Century Station a city in the year 2017 which has fallen on hard time. The following is the intro to it:

Century Station

Modern historians often compare the rapid rise and fall of the City called Century Station with that of the Roman City of Pompeii. Like Pompeii, Century Station was Bless by the Goddess of Luck, but that Goddess tends to be fickle, and like Pompeii, now Century Station faces total destruction.
It all started in the fall of 2013, when the unknown Scientist, Leopold Sarnhoff announce that he had perfected Cold Fusion, and was willing to share his discovery with the citizens of Century Station. He was first met with skepticism, but he soon demonstrated his prototype reactor. Not only did he provided free power to the city for over a week, but was able to export power to East Coast power Grid.
Then Mayor Mark Ransom, and the leading Business leaders of Century Station founded the Daedalus foundation to market and develop Sarnhoff’s Cold fusion technology. The First Product of Daedalus was a portable Fusion Reactor that would be later used by Avtran Technology in their experimental Air car.
Like a modern day gold rush the promise of cheap unlimited power, brought rush of High Tech Industries into Century Station. And like the Gold rush of old where the lure of wealth lies, also comes the men of little morals looking to make a quick buck, some with super powers.
At first the Police Department of Century Station (CSPD) with the help of Primus and locally recruit Super Heroes where able to keep the tide of Super power Villains in check. The Vast tax revues allowed the CSPD to be the best arm Police force in the world. Millions were spent for hi tech Power armor and energy beam weapons to combat the threat.
But the summer of 2015 brought change, in the form of representatives from the Trans Galactic Federation. The TGF was an alliance of elder races that form the core of a galactic wide civilization. The representatives had approached the UN and indicated that Dr Sarnhoff was actual an alien criminal and that his so called Cold Fusion technology was a Zero point energy technology that was off limits to Worlds that had not developed Star Travel.
At first the U.S. resisted, but after the TGF Representative caused a nation wide Black out the President quickly turn over Dr Sarnhoff and all Copies of the Zero Point Energy reactor. Also aliens agents erased all electronic records of any alien Technologies from computers all over the world. How this was done remains a mystery.
Without Dr Sarnhoff Cold fusion Reactor, the industrial gold rush was over. As fast as the Companies flocked to Century Station, they left even faster.
Yet the Super Villains kept coming, but with out the tax base, the CSPD found them self-unable to maintain their Hi tech Arsenal.
To add fuel to fire the Fame Dr Destroyer arrived on the scene and quickly created a hi tech fortress in an abandon weapon Factory. A horde of Super Heroes, Primus agents and CSPD office attacked Doctor D’s Fortress and in the course of the Battle, a small yield super clean Nuke was detonated Killing most of combatants.
In the after math of the explosion (Still known as Nuclear Monday), mayor Ransom resign, the new acting Mayor, Dwayne Zardona has promise to restore order. The City Council and the Governor have given him free reign to combat the Chaos.
Working with the Federal Government, and the remaining Industries of Century Station have in acted a project Called Chimera to combat the wave of Super Criminals plaguing Century Station.

If Chimera fail the Army will send in the Newest model of the infamous MinuteMan Robots, and any Metahuman, good or Evil will most likely be slain.

Vol 1 issue 1

Jonathan Kwiat
02-20-2008, 07:11 PM
> It really is a cool idea I wish you lots of luck with it.

02-24-2008, 11:31 AM
Actually both campaigns are running fine, alot of us have not played in a while and it is a pleasure to once again game face to face. But we alway have run for additional players in either game..