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12-13-2007, 01:16 AM
I try to make my games 50% roleplaying and 50% combat, but it's very much depends on how the players choose to overcome potential foils, but I spend about 75% of my preperation time setting up interesting encounters featuring not only cool monsters but terrain and enviromental challenges.

I'd like to play a game based in the winter north, in a meat & potato setting featuring one major city as the hub of the adventure and two outlying towns high in the mountains. I like to keep background history to a minimum, just the bare essentials as required for the plot, and I give the information as it's needed, because I've always hated having to spend fifteen minutes listening to some blow-hard tell his players about the fantastical tilt on Middle-Earth he's invented. Here, there's no tilt, there's only opportunity for exciting combat, swashbuckling adventure, daring roleplaying, great fortune hidden in the lair of a fierce Red Dragon, the ruins of a shattered elven nation, and a totally evil and insane lich hell-bent on bringing about the apocalypse.

Hopefully we can play a game sweaping from level 1 toward level 20 and upward into epic levels, but the best games end when they're apropiate. I use minis and battle maps, as well as posterboard props as backdrops and 3D buildings. Encounters I run usually span several enviroments, going from ontop of a cliff to the streaming river below. I rarely have a plane fight in a corridor without features, unless it's on fire. I favor flying enemies, too, because I love exciting fights. You should probably familiarize yourself with the flying, aid-another, and drowning or swimming rules because for some reason they come up alot when I'm DMing. I'm pretty good with new players, too, and I'd love to teach someone new to the game how to play. I'm not a collecter of 3.5 books, and I prefer to stick as close to the core rules as nessasary, but I'm fine with choosing classes and equipment from other books, and I own quite a few books by non-WotC publishers if you'd like to take a look at them. I have a few adventure modules that I'm planning to work into the campaign, but if anybody's played them before I can easily switch it out with another one on a session's notice.

If anybody's interested, contact me!

08-29-2010, 02:50 PM
Hey, I'm moving to the area soon and wonder if you had a group going yet?

joe greco
06-01-2011, 08:01 PM
Hi, My buddy and I would like to join your campaign. We are both experienced players. Joe

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Hi, My biddy and I are looking to join your campaign. we are both experienced players amd have everything we need. Joe