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12-11-2007, 01:56 PM
Chrystaria: Souls of Sin is a homebrew campaign world using Paizo's Pathfinder system, a sequal to 3.5

The party members run a town called overland, and are attempting to restore hope and civilization to a world decimated by a world cataclysm.

We are looking for a player who loves role playing and commit to a once a week game on Sunday evenings. An internet website, www.chrystaria.com (http://www.chrystaria.com/), is integral in the campaign. as working adults, we rarely have the time to play 8 and 10 hour marathon sessions. The website is a place where Players communicate between games, write character journals, post summaries and do little between adventure things while earning XP . We're looking for players who are willing to spend at least 15 minutes out of the week on the site between games writing journals and voting for player of the week.

The 5 players currently in the group range in age from 22 to 33. We're all average folk some have been playing for years and some started playing only a few years ago . The campaign features political intrigue, planar travel, dangerous dungeon excavation and city wide mysteries. The world is very detailed and adventures and because of the campaign design, the players usually dictate the adventure direction and how their city develops.

I have 8 years of experience as a DM and have won 2 national DM championships. I use a very fast and realistic pace for games, concentrating more on story and action and less on nitpicky rules and trigonometry.