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Stuart Sexton
12-08-2007, 11:02 AM
USS Yorktown CH 48 Captain's Log. 12 June 2117. Captain Murray recording. We are en rout to a newly discovered star system in sector 254 by negative 574 by 541. Condition green. All systems are normal....

Suddenly, the alert klaxon sounded.

End log entry. "Science officer, report" ordered the Captain. "Sensors show a Mordum Dragon Class Cruiser at extreme range, sir."


"Communications, warn that ship off, and inform Captain Binghamton at Space Station Guam of the situation. Use Encryption Level 5." The Communications officer nodded, "Aye, sir." The Captain continued giving orders. "Exec, go to battle stations. Navigation, set an intercept course. Helm, as soon as course is plotted, execute, max HD displacement." He then hit a button on the arm of his command chair. =^= "Weapons crews, this is the Captain. Power up all weapons to stand-by mode. That is all." =^=

The Yorktown's HD displacement engines fired up, and she was carried though space on a hyper space wake, moving to intercept the Mordum intruder. "Communications; Any response from Mordum vessel?" The Communications officer replied, "None, sir." Captain Murray felt his dander rising. "Keep trying to raise them!"

01-03-2008, 02:27 PM
Riko looks around to the marines under her, seeing the Mordum Cruiser approach. "Go to your stations, quickly!"

Stuart Sexton
01-07-2008, 10:58 AM
The Dragon Class War-cruiser dropped into normal space, but still did not respond to hails. "Helm", cried the Captain. "Drop out of displacement, and flank that ship. Weapons, fire a warning shot across her bow." He then got on the horn to the Mardet Commander. =^= "Captain Kojima; Have your people suit up for boarding action, full battle gear, and stand by all launches. That is all. Out."=^=

OOC; Battle suits, rifles, cutting torches for boarding, etc. "Stand by all launches" means to board launches, and stand by, but leave sufficient Marines behind, of course, to repel any Mordum borders.

<Tags to Riko and anyone else who wants to play.>

01-07-2008, 06:22 PM
Capt. Kojima looks at her staff,"2nd Lieutenant, you know the drill, take control of the team here on board. Keep your eyes peeled. My team will stand by for all launches and suit up."

OCC: I will be taking along one staff Sergeant and Sergeant and 4 of each corporal; and 20 of the PFCs. I will also suit up and grab my gear. By the way, do I get call the divisions of teams something like "Team Blue/Team Red" or something to be clearer/for future reference?

Stuart Sexton
01-28-2008, 09:54 AM
"Sir!" said the Science Officer. "The scanners show that the enemy ship's crew is Human! They have barely a skeleton crew!"

"Human? What the...?"

The Communications Officer spoke up. "Sir. She has Righteous Cause markings on her hull, instead of the usual Mordum religious writings."

"Righteous Cause?" mused the Captain. "Those Neo-Nazi scum!"

The Science Officer addressed the Captain. "Sir! They've dropped a mine!"

"Helm, take evasive..."

Just then, the mine exploded. The matter/antimatter detonation sent off a sub-space shock wave that tossed the ship about like a child's bathtub toy.

OOC: Here's where you get to describe being tossed around, and any injuries.

<Tags> Riko and anyone else who wants to play.

01-28-2008, 09:21 PM
Riko slams against the wall opposite her, hitting her shoulder and head hard.

OOC:Hoping someone else can play, too???

Stuart Sexton
02-04-2008, 10:11 AM
"Sir," said the Exec. "Engineering reports the hyper drive is offline, and estimates two point nine hours to repair."

"Damn!" exclaimed the Captain.


OOC: yes, it would be nice to have more players.

02-05-2008, 06:16 PM
"Sir," said the Exec. "Engineering reports the hyper drive is offline, and estimates two point nine hours to repair."

"Damn!" exclaimed the Captain.


OOC: yes, it would be nice to have more players.

Riko rubs her shoulder, looking to her team and frowning. "Quickly, men, quickly! At your positions. And brace yourselves for another explosive from the scum-it's very likely at this point."

Stuart Sexton
07-02-2008, 10:57 PM
OOC; Sorry, gang, but life's been hectic

BIC: Several moments went by, with nothing happening. The Captain then turned to his Exec.

"Lieutenant Commander. I want you to go through all decks, and order silent running. I want them to think we're dead. It will take a while before the radiation from that blast clears enough for that ship to be able to scan us."

He then got on the horn(using the low powered discrete setting, which was still dangerous) and contacted Engineering, and ordered them to power down everything but life support. He then contacted Riko on discrete, and informed her that the ship was to go on silent running, and that she and her people were to patrol the corridors, and enforce his orders.

=^="No one but myself, the Exec, the CMO, the Engineering staff, or you and your Marines are to use any powered equipment, and then only at the barest minimum of power output, is that clear? Murray out."=^=