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Stuart Sexton
12-08-2007, 10:45 AM
Captain Murray.

Name; Murray, John A.
Race; Human
Gender; Male
Height; 6'2"
Weight; 210 lbs
Eyes; Brown
Hair; Red
Skin; Fair
Rank; Captain
Position; C.O.
Serial Number; 1830-947-026-1
Profession; Command Officer and Ops Officer (Fighter Pilot)
Assignment; CO of the Cruiser USS Yorktown (CH 48)
Languages; European Standard English, Interstellar English, Scots Gaelic, Yajeebu, German, Meea'zian (Comprehend, read, but not speak.).
Strengths. He's a bold leader.
He has a strong artistic side. (He plays the bagpipes.)
Weaknesses. When it comes to tradition, he's a bit inflexible, stubborn. (It would take some really good role-playing to get him to change his mind.)
He's ill tempered.
Race's Special Advantages/Disadvantage;Advantages. We think on our feet.
Disadvantages. No body's perfect.

Background and role-playing notes. John Andrew Murray was born near Stirling, Scotland in 2080. He graduated 3rd in his class at Annapolis in 2102. As a young Lieutenant, he was assigned to a fighter wing on board the USS Kitty Hawk (CVH-63). He rose quickly in the ranks, and got his first command in 2109, as a Lt. Commander in command of the Manitoba Class Destroyer USS London (DDH 196) He was promoted to Commander in 2110, after an incident involving the break up of a major crime syndicate on a backwater world in Sector 542 by 214 by 874. On 10 April 2112 he was promoted to Captain, and was given command of the USS Yorktown.(CH-48)

Stuart Sexton
01-02-2008, 11:04 PM
Name:Riko Kojima
Race: Chun
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown, with flecks of white and black
Skin: Furry
Rank: Captain
Position: Marines Commanding Officer (Marine Mardet)
Serial Number:1408-630-021-3
Profession: Marine
Assignment: USS Yorktown
Languages: Chunshar, Shardonish, Interstellar English, Mord
Strengths: A strong sense of justice. Kind-hearted, but can be stern to those under her.
Race's Special Advantages/Disadvantages: Can see at night as though it were day. Very attractive. Very Honorable. They might fall under investigation if there is a plot involving the Shardon, since they are an offshoot of that race.
Background and role-playing notes:Both of Riko’s parents had been killed and she was raised by relatives. Riko has a great admiration for her parents. Riko is the youngest child of a large family, she has 5 older siblings. She comes from a long line of Marines, and has gained respect of many under her. Riko would like to find her parents killer and/or killers, and turn them over to the proper authority, so they can not do this to another family.