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Stuart Sexton
12-07-2007, 10:35 AM

In the 22nd Century, a new frontier begs to be explored. But life in the United Systems Alliance Frontier Zone is dangerous. The United Systems Navy patrols the Zone as best as is possible, but the Seven Fleets are spread way too thinly. What's more, there are the Mordum Hegemony and the Shardon Empire to worry about. Danger and excitement go hand-in-hand in The Frontier Zone.

The Basics

Frontier Zone is a RPG set in the early 22nd Century. (It's based on a paper and pencil RPG that I wrote.) In Frontier Zone, you'll explore the galaxy, meet strange aliens, and go places where only imagination can take you. This RPG will start off in the United Systems Alliance Navy, on board the Cruiser USS Yorktown (CH 48).

On board, you'll play one of the officers or crew members. Alternately, you could play a Marine. For the first story, I'll run the Captain. This could change over time, but, for now, until players get the feel of the Frontier Zone Universe, playing the Captain allows me the freedom to act as story teller.

What, you might ask, is the flavor of the Frontier Zone Universe? Fair enough. The Frontier Zone Universe is a little bit of the old west in space, and a little bit of Horatio Hornblower in space. There is a renewed frontier spirit, and the Navy is at the forefront of the exploration of space.

But, the galaxy is a dangerous place. The Navy is therefore also charged with the defense of the United Systems Alliance. This includes the United Systems Alliance Frontier Protectorate Zone, or the Frontier Zone for short.

So, if it's adventure you seek, here's the place. Welcome to the 22nd Century.


1. Respect all players.

2. No super characters or "godmoding" Characters must have both strengths and weaknesses

3. Keep this game clean. Watch your language. There may be younger or more sensitive players. No racial slurs against members or others. If you are telling a story, and there is a villain who is a bigot, contact me first before posting, as your post may be misunderstood. It may be better to say that the villain spews racial epithets, rather than quoting them as such.

4. Player Characters must be heroic. No villainous PCs allowed.

5. No flaming or trolling.

6. No sexual harasment of any kind.

7. Give me a bio of your characte. Race, gender, height, etc. See characters section

8. You may play up to four Player Characters at a time.

9. Don't run other characters without the player's permission.

10. Keep the game fun.



Description. The same as now.

Worlds. Earth, Alpha Centauri IV, Epsilon Indi II, 61 Cygni IV.

Names. Same as now.

Languages. Interstellar English, Native Language, + 2 other starting languages.

Advantages. We think on our feet.

Disadvantages. No body's perfect.


History/Culture. Human history, to say the least, is tumultuous. From their prehistoric past to the present, humans have been struggling with each other, nature, and even their own selves, in order to survive. Human history is replete with triumph and tragedy, good and evil, progress and setback, all coexisting in a veritable stew of human nature.

Humans, from their beginning, have always been curious. They can’t help but ask questions. They seem to have an innate ability to either find the answer, or invent one, if there is no answer. This overwhelming desire to know eventually lead to their exploration of space.

Human space exploration got its start in 1957 A.D., when the nation state then known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or Soviet Union, launched Earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik I. At the time, the Soviet Union was at odds with the United States of America. Both nations, and their respective allies, were in the grips of a nuclear arms race, euphemistically known as “The Cold War”.

It was within the context of this period that the so called “Space Race” began. The United States, recognizing that the Soviet Space Program posed a real threat, decided to step up their own Space Program. In 1961 A.D., American President John F. Kennedy challenged NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

In 1969 A.D, NASA did just that. Niel Armstrong became the first Human to set foot on the moon’s surface. Several other trips followed, but soon interest in moon landings waned, along with funding. While NASA did launch one Space Station, dubbed Skylab, as well as many unmanned probes, during the 1970’s, NASA suffered from many cutbacks to its budget.

In The 1980’s NASA developed a new project. In 1981 A.D. the Space Shuttle Columbia was the first reusable space vehicle to be launched from Earth. While the Space Shuttles did show some promise, they were not without their share of problems. They still required the use of external rockets in order to reach orbit. This required the use of external fuel tanks, and a booster engine, which were ejected during launch.

In 1986 A.D., during one such launch, the Space Shuttle Challenger’s external fuel tank exploded, destroying the vehicle, and killing all seven astronauts, including America’s first civilian to join an astronaut crew, a teacher by the name of Christa McCullough. This resulted in a temporary grounding of the remainder of the Space Shuttle fleet, while the cause of the accident could be investigated. NASA did eventually get the fleet up and running again and the Space Shuttle project continued.

During this time period, many proposals were made on a permanent American Space Station. This project, dubbed the Freedom I Space Station, evolved into the International Space Station. The Soviet Union, which had the most success with Space Stations, collapsed in 1991 A.D. It was during this time that the Russians, who had in orbit their Mir Space Station, suggested that Mir be used as a stepping stone for the International Space Station.

This idea fell through when Mir fell to Earth. It wasn’t until 1998, after nearly two decades of delays and cost overruns, that Russian built Zarya, the first module to the International Space Station, was launched. In 2000 A.D. the first long-term crew of the International Space Station moved in.

On September 11th, 2001 A.D., the Earth was plunged into a 20 year global war, when terrorists, using hijacked jumbo jets, crashed into the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center in New York, New York, as well as The Pentagon Building, near Washington, D.C. Both of the Twin Towers collapsed, killing thousands. The Pentagon (which still serves as the main Command HQ for the United Systems Military) was damaged, resulting in a significant death toll.

During the next twenty years, space exploration was severely curtailed. In 2003 A.D. The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry, killing all seven astronauts. Investigation of the accident showed that foam insulation had fallen off the booster rocket during launch, causing damage to the wheel well on the shuttle’s left wing. During re-entry, heat had built up in the damaged portion of the wing, causing severe structural damage. This, in turn, caused the Columbia to break up.

All Shuttle launches were grounded for two years. In 2005 A.D., the Space Shuttle Discovery was launched, after NASA worked to correct the problem that caused the Columbia accident. The problem remained, however, and the crew of the Discovery had to make the first ever repairs of a Space Shuttle while in orbit. While the repairs were successful, after the Discovery returned to Earth, all future Shuttle missions were canceled until the problem with the external boosters could be corrected.

In the meanwhile, the Global War on Terror would continue to be the main focus. The war would continue to cost the planet in lives, as well as much needed resources. Many proposed NASA projects were put on hold, mostly due to a lack of funding. By war’s end, most people had all but forgotten about space.

All of this changed in 2024 A.D., when German physicist Dr. Heinrich Braun, PhD., proved his Hyper Space Displacement Theory. Working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Braun launched the first hyper space probe on January 19th, 2024 A.D. The probe, which traveled at a rate of one light-year per day, dropped out of hyper space in the Alpha Centauri System in 4.3 days.

The probe sent data back to Earth via Subspace Displacement Radio, which, at the time, could carry a signal at one light-year per hour. (Modern S.D.R. can carry a signal at one light-year per minute.) Scientists at the JPL were able to determine the fourth planet of the system to be very much like Earth. NASA was soon asked to send a ship to Alpha Centauri, to explore the possibility of colonization.

On July 4th, 2027 A.D., the first manned hyper-drive vessel, the S.S. Christa McCullough, was launched from the International Space Station. The craft touched down on Alpha Centauri IV on July 9th, 2027. The crew of seven astronauts found the planet to be ideally suited for colonization. This news prompted the American Government to give the green light for the colonization of Alpha Centauri IV to begin.

On the return trip from Alpha Centauri, the Christa McCullough met a tragic end. She was struck at least twice by hyper-missiles, fired from a hostile vessel of (at that time) unknown origin. The McCullough was utterly vaporized, killing all seven astronauts.

This event led to the implimentaion of the Military Space Exploration Act. This Act, simply put, made the Navy the main space exploratory body for the United States. While NASA would continue to exist, no longer would the American Government fund them. NASA would have to go private. Any space exploration or travel done by civilians would be at their own risk.

For the Navy, the task of building starships was, at first, a daunting one. They first set about the task of building a space base, for the purposes of building, launching, supplying, maintaining, berthing, and repairing starships. Construction began on May 27th, 2030 A.D., and was dedicated on July 25th, 2035. Christened Space Harbor Pearl, due to its synchronous orbit above Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the Earth’s first military space station was the largest object in known space at that time.

Meanwhile, JPL physicist, Dr. Stuart Elwood, PhD., using the gravimetric principles involved in hyper space displacement, developed both artificial gravity and anti-gravity. These new technologies were sold to the Navy for possible use in their space program. In 2038 A.D., the first starship built at the Pearl facility was the nautilus U.S.S. Starwolf.

This ship would be the first vessel capable of both space faring and sea faring. In fact, as a nautilus, she was built with stealth in mind while in space, and submarine capabilities while in a planetary ocean. Of course, she also had to be able to land on planets with no oceans or other bodies of liquid. Thus, she (as well as future nautiluses) was built with retractable landing gear. (Larger vessels would be built with landing craft on board.)

The Navy also set about refitting many of its existing ships for space travel. While not an easy task, over the next few decades, most of the Navy’s ships would be made space worthy. The final stages of the refits would be done at the Pearl facility. This would include the addition of laser cannons and hyper torpedoes. By the mid 21st century, Earth would have a formidable Navy.

In 2045 A.D. the United Nations was supplanted by the Alliance of Earth Nations. Earth would stand united in principle, but would still keep sovereign nations, which would govern their own internal affairs. The growing trend of democratic republics, which recognized all of the basic human rights of each citizen, was a very encouraging development.

The first act of the A.E.N. Parliament was to authorize the colonization of newly discovered planets. This opened the door for the U.S. to send a colonization fleet to Alpha Centauri IV. Over the next fifteen years, several Earth nations sent colonists out to colonize the galaxy. By 2074 A.D. Earth and her colonies realized that they needed a more centralized government.

In 2076 A.D. the Interstellar Articles of Confederation were ratified, and a representative form of government was set up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Earth. The Interstellar Congress debated on whether or not to have a more federalized government.

In 2087 A.D., Janice Madison of Earth proposed a Constitution similar to that of the United States Constitution. In 2092 A.D., the Constitution of the United Systems Alliance was ratified. At this point, the seat of government was moved to Washington, DC, United States of America, Earth, where it remains to this day.

The newly formed U.S.A. was put to the test on December 7th, 2095 A.D. when the aliens, who had attacked the Christa McCullough, nearly 70 years earlier, attacked Earth’s Pearl facility. The aliens, known as the Shardon, attacked without warning or provocation, destroying six ships, and killing thousands of sailors and marines.

On December 8th, 2095, President Eleanor Franklin asked the Congress for a Declaration of War against these aggressors. Congress agreed, and war was declared. On December 11th, the Shardon openly declared themselves and their intent. They, along with their Mordum allies, would “rid the galaxy of this Human infestation, once and for all”.

It seems that the attack on the McCullough, nearly 70 years earlier, was meant to frighten the people of Earth out of expanding into a territory that they deemed they alone had a right to develop. Fortunately for Earth, the Shardon are a feudal monarchy, similar to medieval Japan, and at that time they were undergoing a civil war between rival clans, each vying for the Imperial Throne.

By the time the Shardon had settled their internal political problems, it was too late for them to do anything more about Earth. Due to their own infighting, they were low on both money and resources. Hur’ee’heedo, the new Emperor, desiring to strengthen his position, realized that he needed a way to unite his people in one cause. He needed to find a scapegoat in order to shift the peoples’ blame for their woes from the recent political infighting to an external source. Earth and her colonies became that scapegoat.

Through clever political maneuvering, he convinced the people that the reason for the civil war in the first place was the inaction of his predecessor in dealing with Earth. He changed the historical record to show that his predecessor, rather than attacking Earth, simply destroyed an Earth vessel, without backing up this action with further military action. This, he claimed, was why his clan moved to remove the old Emperor’s clan from power. (Never mind the facts that, a; the civil war was already in progress at the time of the incident, and b; it was one of his own clan ships that destroyed the McCullough.)

Once they were united, Emperor Hur’ee’heedo needed help, in order to wage war against the Humans. In 2080 A.D., he signed a pact of mutual cooperation and trade with the Mordum Chancellor, At’ülf Hedlir. The two agreed to support each other in all things. Hedlir also had designs on expanding Mordum territory.

In 2095 A.D., Hur’ee’heedo convinced Hedlir to help him go on the offensive against the Humans. Hedlir agreed. From the sneak attack on December 7th, 2095 through war’s end on September 10th, 2100, the Great War cost both sides millions of casualties. To this day there exists an uneasy peace, which could erupt into another war, at any time.

In 2101 A.D., the United Systems Alliance made first contact with a minor space faring race known as the Yajeebians. This was the first peaceful first contact made between Humans and another race. On September 11th, 2101A.D., the planet Yajeeb III (known to Earth astronomers as 40 Eridani III) joined the U.S.A.


Description. Green skinned humanoids, with greenish-blond hair, and green or hazel eyes. Yajeebians have an extra pectoral muscle, and the females have an extra mammary gland.

World. Yajeeb III (40 Eridani III)

Names. male names tend to end in either -u, -m, -ar, -or, -un, or um.
Examples include Allu, Dealmar, Zefdun, etc

female names tend to end in -i or -a. Examples Alli, Zefda, etc.

sir names are place names, such as Gyit. These are the names of the various city-states.

Advantages. Yageebians are able to touch learn a new language once per real time week. They are also very attractive. They tend to be very artistic as well.

Disadvantages. While not pacifists, they tend at first to be a little uncertain about the idea of military life. It takes them a while to get used to the military. They do adjust, however.

Languages. Yajeebu, local city-state dialect, Interstellar English, + one other.

History/Culture. While Yajeebian history is certainly marked by the many conflicts between the various city-states, the Yajeebians never developed the large nation-states found on Earth, and therefore, never had Earth’s troubles between rival superpowers. Add to this the fact that Yajeebians are decidedly more open and forgiving than most Humans, and it’s easy to see how the ideals of Pota of Gyit’s philosophy of Unity Through Peaceful Coexistence spread so quickly.

Ever since Pota of Gyit introduced her philosophy, roughly 2,500 years ago, Yajeeb’s 326 city-states have lived together in relative harmony. If a potential conflict does arise, then the matter is brought before the Council of City-states, and all 326 representatives debate the issue, and a vote is taken. The Council must obtain a ¾ majority in order for the conflict to be resolved.

If a ¾ majority is not reached, then one of three outcomes is possible. 1. The Council may debate the matter further, and another vote is taken at the end of the second (and possible subsequent) debate(s). 2. The matter may be deferred to the Council High Mayor, who may decide the matter once and for all. 3. The Mayors of the city-states who are involved in the dispute may engage in a duel to the death, thus ending the conflict.

Yajeebians have been exploring space for the past 245 years. Due to the lack of hyper drive technology, however, Yajeebians haven’t really explored much beyond 40 Eridani. This has changed, of course, since March 4th, 2101 A.D., when the Human nautilus U.S.S. Santa Fe, under the command of Commander Susan Polanski, made first contact with the Yajeebian Space Agency Vessel Blagadoola, under the command of Lead Astronaut, Gimmi of Sumnau.

On September 11th, 2101 A.D., after several months of negotiations and debates, the Yajeebians joined the U.S.A. Both Humans and Yajeebians have benefited from the social and cultural exchange. What’s more, at least three known marriages have taken place between Humans and Yajeebians. The addition of the first non-Human race to the U.S.A. has been a Godsend. It is hoped that other races may follow the Yajeebians, and join the growing U.S.A.


Description. Tall cat-like humanoids. Offshoot of the Shardon.

World. Chundu III.

Names. As the player sees fit, but with a somewhat Asian flavor. please, however, NO ethnic slurs in these names. Also, no disguised cuss words. No disrespecting people of any ethnic groups. no names from ethnic jokes.

Advantages. Can see at night as though it were day. Can see in pitch blackness as though it were twilight. Vary attractive. Very Honorable.

Disadvantages. They might fall under investigation if there is a plot involving the Shardon, since they are an offshot of that race.

Languages. Chunshar, Shardonish, Interstellar English, + 1 more.


Homeworld. Chundu III is an Earthlike Class M planet, with a gravity of 1 G, and a land mass of 32%. Chundu has one moon, roughly the size of Luna. Due to the differences between Shardu and Chundu, the Chuns have had to build more on the open plains. This has resulted in more conventional dwellings. They still build their dwellings to be in harmony with the natural surroundings, however.

History/Culture. The Chuns originated from a clan of Shardon who were less warlike than their neighbors. While by no means pacifists, they grew tired of the constant bloodshed. So, in the Earth year 1964, they picked up and left. (This event is known as “the Great Chun Diaspora”.)

During the Great war the Shardon conquered the Chuns. Elements of the USMC helped to liberate Chundu on August 5th, 2097, and U.S. and Chun forces fought side by side from that point until war’s end. It is hoped that the Chuns will someday join the U.S.A.

Meea'zians This is a player character known as Micky Akira-jade.
She is the basis for Miki Akira-jade in the book I'm writing, and is a Copyrighted character! Permission granted by the co-authors of this character (Rachel Brusalius, the player, and myself) for use here as a sample of a Meea'zian ONLY!

Meea'zians are mouse humanoid race. Those that travel space, are scavenger that ply the space lanes, crossing borders at whim as they are good smugglers, outlaw techs, tramp freighters/merchants.

Some Meea'zians that live on planets are more tend towards agriculture type of culture. With light industry to support the community

They try to avoid serving in any star empire military fleet.

Male heights range from 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches, rarely get over that.

Females height range from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 3 inches, rarely get over that. 5 feet is the running average.

Languages:: Varies, depending on background of Meea'sain encounters.
Space faring Meea'zian :Native, Galactic trade speak + 3 [adjusted by sim official]
Planetary Meea'zian : Native + 1 [can be adjusted ]

Gypsies/colony ships until they gained ftl. bigger the colony ship ..older the ship/colony is. so they became excellent techs; keeping the ship intact from the rigors of natural hazards and picking up tech from other species, traders/merchants; to be able to barter for goods, instead of paying with local currency, and entertainers to earn cash. Smugglers ..who wants the ...job of inspecting a monstrosity of a clan ship. When finding a planet that could support life, they colonized it.

If they do..Only a select few would know of it. Since Meea'zian language is one of those languages that very hard to speak do to some of the sounds go way into upper sonics and lower sonic beyond hearing of the others... do to their sensitives hearing.

Meea'zians are hunted for sport by the Mordom. As most species look towards the Meea'zians as gypsies, scavenger, and general niusances.

Even though they pursue more peaceful ways than fighting, are very good at the arts of spying and mysterious arts to include the deadly art of assassinations through various means (IE :: snipering, explosives, poisons, sabatoge) They strive to be the best techs and know the different styles of tech from each of the tech advanced races.

They was coming into space travel at the time when Devoli was starting to decline in power.

Form of government is based on Elders (older the person is, more political power he/she gains within the clan/family)


Eldest Rules the Clan/Ship, regardless of gender.
The Advisers :: Family elders/ Section Elders
Section Leaders :: Skilled / Merchants
Academia :: Professors, Researchers, Scientist
General:: the youth

NPC Races


Very honorable catlike one time enemies. They are the parent race of the Chuns.
History/Culture. What little the U.S.A. knows about the Shardon comes from a combination of Shardon propaganda and what’s been learned from the few Shardon POWs captured during the Great War. We know that they are a Feudal Monarchy, similar to Feudal Japan. The Shardon have had a long history of clan rivalry, each clan vying for control of the throne. Their current Emperor, a warrior-priest named Hur’ee’heedo, took the throne c.2075 A.D., after decades of civil war.

As is common in such societies, Hur’ee’heedo rewrote history to favor his clan. He needed to unite his people, and consolidate his power. He managed to make his chief rival for the Imperial Throne the goat for failing to keep the humans from exploring space.

In 2080 A.D. He signed a pact with the Mordum Chancellor, At’üf Hedlir. In 2095, both the Shardon and Mordum declared war on the U.S.A.

Update (After 18 July 2112)

History/Culture. The Shardon evolved from a species of cat-like creatures. Their ancestors lived in prides, which tends to explain their clannish society. They eventually developed a feudal system of government, with their warrior-priests taking leadership of the clans.

While their society bears a resemblance to medieval Japan, there are differences. One major difference is the fact that, despite the priestly function of their leaders, they never developed a concept of the Emperor as a god. This would, after all, anger the billions of gods of the Universe. (Every star in the universe is said to be the dwelling place of a god.)The enlightenment attained by the gods, who shed their light throughout the universe, is theirs alone to attain, and theirs alone to dispense.

The Shardon also have strong ties to nature, which explains why they build their dwellings in harmony with the rain forests. Only dead material may be used in construction. To deliberately harm the trees is unthinkable. If recourses must be mined, then it’s done so carefully, and the land is restored as best as possible.

As for resent events, what was unknown to the U.S. until now is the fact that Emperor Hur’ee’heedo was nearly deposed. By and large, with few exceptions, the Shardon are a very honorable people. When it was learned by his rivals that it was Hur’ee’heedo who ordered the murder of the crew of the Christa McCullough, and not his rival, Sho’yig’ji, they began an armed uprising against him. To keep his throne, he made his “sin of youth and foolishness” public.

He then announced his repentance, and, as proof, offered to do right by the humans, and declared a cease fire on August 9th, 2100. He’s been in direct negotiations with Earth for the past 12 years, in hopes of bringing a lasting peace. The final draft of a peace treaty between the Shardon and the U.S.A. was signed on 18 July 2112.

One final note on Shardon honor. They will always treat an enemy warrior with the utmost respect. The other factor in leading the Shardon to break off their fight with the U.S. was their disgust at how the Mordum treated their prisoners. (Even at the lowest point in Emperor Hur’ee’heedo’s sense of honor, he would never have dreamt of treating prisoners with such contempt. When he learned of the Mordum death planets, even he was truly outraged.)

Naming Practices. The only note on Shardon Naming Practices is the fact that, even though Shardon Names tend to sound “vaguely Asian”, that is not to say that the names you give to Shardon NPC’s are in any way meant to make fun of Asians, or their various societies and cultures. This game is in no way meant as a vehicle for bigotry. Such attitudes are not in keeping with the spirit of this game.

Keep the naming of Shardon Characters in good taste. A name like Sho’yi’duuk is OK. Names that come from ethnic jokes, or sound like American cuss words, or Western stereotypes of Asians or people of Asian extraction, are not.

This mystery race is EVIL. Can't be played except by the story teller. They drink meat and blood smoothies. Yum. During the Great War, they had Death Planets.


History/Culture. Virtually nothing is known of Mordum history prior to the Great War. All we know is that they signed a pact with the Shardon in 2080 A.D., and declared war on humans, at the persuasion of their Shardon allies in 2095 A.D. Even in their defeat in 2100 A.D., we’ve learned nothing more.

As for their culture, we know about as much. We know that they follow a mysterious figure, known simply as the “Chancellor”. We also know, based on humans who were formerly POWs, who were freed from the infamous death planet of Gulok III, that they believe that they are chosen by “The Thirteen” (Thirteen what?) to be the superior race in the universe. (Which leads one to wonder how they were convinced by the Shardon to form a pact?)

Update (After 15 August 2112)

The Mordum.

Description. Beneath their robes, the Mordum look like grey skinned, mummified walking corpses. As a species, they seem to be somewhere “between” reptiles and mammals. They are warm blooded, and nurse their young. Instead of giving live birth, however, a few weeks after conception, the female lays an egg. In approximately one Earth year, the newborn emerges from the leathery shell.

History/Culture. The Mordum were genetically engineered by a now extinct race known as the Devoli, for what purpose no one knows. The Mordum legends regarding the mysterious “Thirteen” may stem from the fact that that there were thirteen Devoli scientists who worked on the project.

Whatever the reason for their having been engineered, they seem to have taken on the notion that they are “chosen” by the Thirteen to conquer everything. Every adult Mordum is in the Mordum Army, and are required to serve the Mordum Chancellor’s every whim, for the Chancellor is said to be the High Priest, who channels the collective will of the Thirteen. (In fact, the current Chancellor, At’ülf Hedlir is insane. He suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, which is how he “channels” the Thirteen.)

The Mordum are highly superstitious, and have many strange beliefs. One major superstition is that if an enemy a Mordum’s face, then he ceases to be a Mordum. They believe that if an enemy were to see the face of a Mordum, the enemy’s gaze will corrupt the purity of that Mordum’s soul. (This actually happened on June 15th, 2112, when then Commander Wolfe removed the disguise from a Mordum spy, after uncovering a plot to destroy Space Port Facility New Guam, in sector 457 by 687 by 745, in the U.S. Frontier Zone.)

It should be noted that the Mordum have little in the way of honor. They are bullies. They have no real redeeming qualities, and should never be allowed as Player Characters. They should be thought of as a race of Nazis. They would think nothing of enslaving others, and had many death planets during the Great War.

Their death planets are where the Mordum get their food. Mordus II is a bleak and desolate planet, with very little in the way of resources. As a result of the Mordum’s waste of their own planet, they’re constantly searching for new planets to exploit. Since they drink the blood of other animal life forms, they need lots of food sources.

The death planets are set up as giant mills, designed to crush every last possible drop of blood out of any animal life form, including sentient life forms, placed on the conveyor belts. Anything left over is used for their various industries. Virtually nothing is wasted.

The U.S. and the Mordum signed an armistice on September 10th, 2100. The two superpowers were technically still at war, albeit a cold war, until a Treaty was signed on 15 August 2112.

One final note on Mordum culture. As was stated earlier, every adult Mordum serves the Mordum Army. The Mordum have no Naval Tradition. They don’t call their Starships ships at all. They refer to their ships as “Space Vehicles”. Their entire military structure is organized along Army Lines. (Starship class designations are USN references, not Mordum.) The following is a list of Mordum Army Ranks.

Batzik (Private)
Naksta (Corporal)
Antrenaksta (Sergeant)
Hepitin (Captain)
Opurhepitin (Colonel)
Gruzzurhepitin (General)
Vialtz Gruzzurhepitin (Field Marshal)

Naming Practices. Mordum have a first and last name. As GM, you are free to pick and choose phonetically, but the names tend to sound almost “Germanic”. Like Shardon names, Mordum names aren’t meant to make fun of anyone’s heritage. Also, please keep it clean.

The Nova Romans.

Description. Nova Romans are exactly the same as Humans.

Languages. Nova-Latin, Greek, + their Intelligence Score.

Naming Practices. Ancient Roman.

Homeworld. Nova Terra (Nova Sol III) is exactly like Earth. The Nova Sol System is on the anti-spinward side of the Mordum Hegemony.

History/Culture. The Devoli abducted several Romans in the Earth Year 44 B.C., and stuck them on a manufactured world for them to conquer. They were first encountered 18 September 2112.

Avaialable Languages

Any Earth Language. Also available;Interstellar English, Yajeebu, Yajeebian local city-state dialect, Shardonish, Chunshar, Mord, *Nova-Latin, Meea'zia

*Only after 18 September 2112.

Available Professions

Command Officers

Command officers are, as the name implies, in charge.

Captains command the ship.

XOs run the day to day operations of the ship, inspections, etc.

Marine Mardets command the secuity teams on board ship.

Tech Officers

Engineers fix thing, mantain the engines, etc

Science officers scan, etc.

Ops Officers

Helm Officers Pilot the ship.

Navigators set hyperspace courses and co-pilot the ship.

Communications Officers are in charge of the subspace communications, translation, and encryption/decryption of messages sent and received.

Pilots fly extra-vehicular craft, such as launches, landing-craft, etc. (Helm Officers may also do this.)

Fighter Pilots fly combat spacecraft, also known as Starfighers

Medical Staff

The CMO runs the sickbay.

There are other doctors under the CMO

The Chief Nurse is in charge of the nursing staff.

There are nurses and med techs under the Chief Nurse.

Corpsmen are enlisted med techs.


Sailors carry out the day to day orders of the CO. There a too many subcategories to list here. Sailors are Naval Enlisted personnel.


These are the security on board ship.

Character Sheet

I need to know who your character is, what he/she looks like, what he/she does, any quirks, role-playing notes, etc. Use the following template.

Serial Number;
Race's Special Advantages/Disasvantages.
Background and role-playing notes.