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12-04-2007, 01:57 PM
I'm old school, but not super old school, I started playing in 1984 when I was 10. I got all the 1st ed. AD&D books from my uncle, and I played in school as a part of a problem solving resource program.

I've played Red box through Gold box (Immortals set) D&D.

In the '90's I picked up Shadowrun during it's 2nd ed. but I mostly played in 3rd. ed although I do have the 4th ed. book.

I've also played Shatterzone (like Shadowrun with spaceships, aliens and the like)

I started playing WoD in the early '90's also as a Vampire, but it was kinda slow, when Mage came out I became a dedicated WoD player, most of our chronicles were cross aspected so that there were mages, vampires and werewolves (with the occasional wraith and changeling).

Since 3.x has come out I've played that almost exclusively (although I did play in a 6 month SR game that ran concurrently).

I've played in the Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and Ebberon settings, written material for at least three different homebrew persistent worlds. Designed classes, prestige classes, and run a few campaigns.

I'd rather play than DM. I am a character optimizer and I script out character builds for fun. Limited campaigns don't interest me. I play D&D to escape from the restrictions of RL so I don't need a new set of arbitrary restrictions on my fun.

Magic rules the multiverse and characters that harness it's power are naturally superior to those who can't or don't. There is no balance between: [BAB +20, 20d10 HD and 11 bonus feats] AND [Celerity + Timestop + Shapechange or Gate]. Divine metamagic just ups the ante higher. I believe in CODzilla which is why I avoid playing them. I love the Tome of Battle and Magic of Incarnum, you can either base a character on them or just add in splashes of them for flavor in other builds.

Psionics are core. If you hate psionics, you hate magic in general; not to mention that psionics are more rigorously game balanced than arcane or divine magic.

I like playing humans although I don't hate other races, when I don't play a human I tend to go all the way exotic like a Whisper Gnome with the Shadow Creature template and a Major Djinni bloodline.

Alignment is stupid and cartoonish in D&D. If you want to use it, fine, but don't give my character (or me) morality lectures based on the silly archetypes given out in the PHB.

I am a fan of rewriting pre-reqs or conditions for feats and PrC's [with DM permission] (e.g. Nymph's Kiss requires a good alignment, but since all fey aren't good you could easily make up another feat that had any alignment requirement since fey exist in every alignment flavor).

DO NOT complain/compare your character to my character. If you throw together a character based on some nebulous concept you think is cool, but is mechanically inferior and I spend hours of research making sure I can mechanically execute my concept and then design my character and it does well, how is it my fault that you didn't put the same amount of effort into your character?

On a related note, play what you want, but at least give the campaign circumstance some thought [This is also known as the 'Don't cry because you brought your barbarian with the vow of silence to the political city campaign' rule].

12-04-2007, 08:45 PM
Quite an introduction! I had a daughter born in '84.

I rather like optimizing characters when I play, unfortunately it is a lot more work when you DM.

Shatterzone sounds fun, I don't believe I ever ran into that game.

Welcome aboard.

12-05-2007, 07:36 PM
... to thank you for the welcome. Thanks. (It gives a real community type personal feel)