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11-27-2007, 04:34 PM
I've got a few characters that I've written up over the past few years, that I probably won't ever get the opportunity to use again, but I thought someone out there might.

So I'm starting this thread up to offer some of what I've written up to other WitchCraft and Armageddon GM's.

11-27-2007, 04:54 PM
Name: Ian Munson
Concept: Reluctant Hero
Association: Alliance

Str 5
Dex 5
Con 4
Int 4
Per 5
Will 4

LP 90
EP 69
Speed 18
Essence 58

Acute Sense (Hearing)
Hard to Kill (+5 Survival Tests) 5
Fast Reaction Time
Contact (Mike Strauss) 2
Resources (Middle Class)
Age (Level 2)

Cruel 1
Cowardly 1
Delusion (Acrophobia) 1
Adversary (Col. Adam Riess, CoR) 3

Brawling 3
Craft (Metalwork) 2
Dodge 4
Driving (Car) 2
First Aid 2
Occult Knowledge 1
Science (Chemistry) 4 [Metallurgy +2]
Sports (Rugby) 1
Mechanic (Airplane) 2
Pilot (Prop Plane) 1
Language (German) 2
Lockpicking (Electrical) 1
Lockpicking (Mechanical) 1
Guns (Handguns) 4
Notice 1
Stealth 1

Nephilim Quality
Good Luck (Level 3)

Background- Born to a wealthy Southern Aristocratic family of Georgia in 1754, Ian Munson spent his first nine years playing with the other kids on the Belle Laurel plantation. Behind the back of his parents and the other whites, he taught his friends basic schooling skills. After several years, he was found out by a local preacher and driven out of town.
Arthur refuses to talk about what he did over the next two decades or so, except to say that he wandered for a long while, including in the Old West. However in the Civil War, the Munson family lost the entire plantation to Union set fires and cannon shot. After the war, Ian left the US for Europe; he attended the University of Vienna, where he studied chemistry. Arthurís true calling was metallurgy; he loved studying the properties of various metals for days on end, barely sleeping or eating.
In late 1913, Ian was contacted by a powerful member of the Cabal who had a vision describing the end of the world, a great war, and that he (Ian) had some role to play for the side of good. In June of the next year, World War I started when Germany invaded Belgium, and Ian felt that he had been called to act. He acted as a spy and saboteur versus German Rosicrucian loyalists for the next four years.
After the war, Ian stayed in Germany to teach for several years and watched the Nazis rise into power. He snuck out of the country into Albania and traveled East for several years. Ian made some brief friendly contacts with the Storm Dragons and fought with the Red Lotus, but mostly made his way back to America.
Eventually, as the Alliance formed from the various covenants to combat Leviathan, his friend Mike Strauss asked him to join officially. After some hesitation to get involved again in world affairs, Ian eventually agreed to join.

Ian dresses fairly well, wearing mostly Italian or German suits with Italian loafers when not on missions for the Alliance. When on missions, Ian wears whatever mission gear is appropriate, frequently black or camo Kevlar armored gear beneath his clothing.

Age: 263
Ht: 5'11"
Apparent age: early 30's
Eye Color: light gray
Hair: Med brown
Sex: M
Wt: 210 lbs.