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11-20-2007, 08:33 PM
=== The Setting
Welcome to Cold Horizons.

You are in the solar system of Ryhaan. It consists
of a central star similar to our own, plus a
smaller, dimmer star called the Darkstar, similar in
size to Jupiter. There are 13 planets, more than a
hundred moons, a thick asteroid belt, and two major
Dyson forests.

The peoples of this system originally came in
generation ships from Earth, several hundred years
ago, funded and managed by Rhyme Trade Consortium.
The ships were dismantled for materials, and the
Core Worlds were terraformed. The rest of the
system was settled in the years since.

No known aliens or true AI exist, although humans
have produced altered forms (such as 4 arms, no legs)
to deal with the various environments. Bodies are
easily manipulated or replaced; bodies are a part of
modern day "fashion" complete with big name designers
and discount houses. Mind uploads and cloning (with
mind downloads from last upload data) are available
as "life insurance". Everyone is entitled (via "Gold
Cross Health") to one free upload per year, and one
free body replacement (due to death/disabling) per
five years. More than that is available, but costs.

Energy weapons exist, but are rare even amongst the
militaries. Recoilless projectile weapons, missiles,
bombs, blades, etc. are the common options.

There is no central government. The various planets
are organized mostly as city-states and federations
thereof. The Core Worlds are fairly powerful, but
even they cannot dominate more than a small portion
of Ryhaan.

Some technology borders on magic or supernatural
effects, just as per the over-quoted Arthur C.
Clarke comment. Molecular science (e.g. nano, pico,
and other tech) is highly advanced, but is still
more of an art (for useful purposes) than a science,
and therefore requires more than just cold cash to
acquire (Insight and Spheres special abilities).

Body enhancements (ala Shadowrun) exist.

Transporters and warp/hyper drive (ala Star Trek)
does not. Travel is by ship, and takes weeks, or
even months, depending on relative positions of
planet orbits. (Random rolls, I don't want to
figure out actual orbital details.)

Artificial gravity does exist, purely out of
convenience for me. :)

=== The Rules
Largely based on White Wolf's "Mage: The Ascension"
(2nd Ed, 1997) Storyteller system. As the Mage book
is a horrible mess of organization (or rather, lack
thereof), I am working up a handout instead. It is
a much simpler system than d20, with a lot less
emphasis on combat, and no rules for miniatures,
other than as props. Weapons are deadly (one
gunshot can potentially kill even a "high-level"
character. There are no "levels" and a typical XP
award for a session is 1-5 XP, which you then spend
to buy/advance abilities.

For the most part, you add the 1-5 dots of a stat to
the 1-5 dots of a skill, and roll that many d10s
versus a difficulty rating (ala d20 "DC"). Your
degree of success depends on how many "successes"
you roll. Botches happen.

You will need several d10s.

The game is mostly role playing, with little combat.
For more information PM me, or Email me at