View Full Version : New campaign in New Westminster, BC

11-09-2007, 04:18 PM
Hey all,

Looking for players to join a group - aiming for 3-5 players. Currently have two players with another interested. Looking to play Sunday afternoons/evenings.

General campaign ideas:
high fantasy - there will be goblins, devils and demons and the occassional dragon
low magic - pretty severe restrictions on magic users, for reasons revealed later in the campaign
law vs chaos: I got tired of the old good vs evil style campaign, so now I am trying for a new twist
non PHB - also got tired of people asking to play stuff that wasn't on the normal book list; so now the PHB is off limits and loads of other stuff is available
homebrew(ish) - as much as I like Eberron I am going to use more obscure published material and stitch it all together to try and create a new world

Anyone wanting to know anything about the camapign should message me and I'll be glad to tell you more.

12-01-2007, 07:31 PM
hey wanted to give this a slight bump and fill in some blanks.

looks like we got 3 players to date, looking for one or two more to round out the group.

Anyway looking for people who have some good ideas about archetypes of characters that they want to play, the exact mechanics are not that important. Not opposed to some creative ideas people have - e.g. wanting to become vampire or werewolf, faustian pacts with devils, blah blah

and I forgot to explicitly state that we are playing 3.5 D&D - thought it might be important for you to know that ;)

oh yeah and we will be starting in early January when holiday rush has settled down somewhat.