View Full Version : DFW area has gained a new member

11-09-2007, 12:39 PM
And that member is me. :cool:

I am twenty-one years old and looking to give getting a gaming group a second try, though I try to do play by post despite the high game attrition rates at DnDOG. I tend to lean much more towards roleplaying than old-school dungeon crawling, but you just can't RP d20 games without getting down and dirty with the dice every so often, can you? :D

Normally I'm more of a fan of d20 Modern, but lately I've been getting this terrible itch to play a bard (my favorite character type previously being the "rogue who thinks he's a bard"), so I'd be more than happy to join up with a group playing 3.5E.

So how about it? I live right where Carrollton and Lewisville meet if you want to get a feel for how close I am to wherever your group meets. Like my profile says, you can either PM/e-mail me through the site, or hop on to AIM and see if I'm online.