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Inquisitor Tremayne
11-03-2007, 01:42 PM
On the planet Corellia three years after the end of the Clone Wars...

In a fancy casino/cantina/hotel we find three unlikely heroes. Stee Jans, a human who has spent his time listening to his uncle's stories of galactic travel, has decided to go out and see the galaxy for himself. Elismate Sans, a Duro who's family was transplanted to Corellia when the Emipre came to power and wants to go out and explore the galaxy and possibly track down his mother. Todrin Felur, a human bodyguard who has found himself displaced since the empire came to power and his former employer pledged allegiance. They have all been invited to the cantina with the promise of work by a human named Tan.

The night is young yet the cantina is full of people of various species, a testament to the reputation of the establishment. After a drink or two Stee, Elismate, and Todrin see their contact walk in. He waves them over to a semi-private booth. They move to the alcove calmly, trying not to draw any attention their way.

"Thanks for coming. Please have a seat." Tan says.

After a round of introductions and niceties Tan says, "And now to business. I am in need of a crew to help with my shipping business. I have a sizable freighter and am looking to take on some cargoes and could use an able bodied crew, hence I have asked you guys here. They pay is only 500 credits a month with bonuses depending on the cargo we take on. You'll get to see the galaxy and exotic locales and meet interesting people. Are you guys in?"

There is the usual round of questions that concern the safety of the individual asking the question. But eventually everyone is in agreement. Stee takes a look around the cantina to see if anyone seems to be paying particular attention to them. He happens to catch a male Twi'lek looking their way. It seems as if he was just glancing their way and has moved on.

"Good!" Tan exclaims. "Our first priority is to deliver the current cargo I have on board the ship. I want you guys to rent a speeder truck and meet me at Docking Bay 19. He hands them a datacard, "You can use my credentials stored on the datacard to rent the truck and I will reimburse you for any fees you incur. We shall begin first thing in the morning. Remember, meet at docking bay 19." With that Tan stands, says good night, and leaves.

Elismate grabs the datacard and gets up and leaves without saying a word. Todrin and Stee look at each other and shrug. Todrin spends a few more hours in the cantina while Stee leaves and checks out the area around docking bay 19.

Elismate finds the closest computer terminal and attempts to hack the datacard for any tracers or secret information. After about a half an hour he determines he is unable to find anything other than the proper information on the card. He removes the card and proceeds to the speeder rental shop.

Stee's recon of the docking bay also doesn't turn up anything out of the ordinary. He decides to call it a night.

The next morning, on the way to the docking bay Stee notices a crowd of people gathering around a monitor. He stops to take a look and it is a message from the governing body about the evil traitors of the Republic, the Jedi, as well as how aliens should be subjugated. The crowd seems to be getting rowdy and agreeing with the info they are being fed. Stee shrugs and walks away.

They all meet at the docking bay and find Tan there waiting for them. Elismate has brought the speeder truck and Tan's labor droid, SP, begins unloading the ship and packing the containers on the truck. The rest of them pitch in. As they are almost finished they hear someone call out, "We have come for that cargo Tan, hand it over!"

(more to come)

11-05-2007, 09:25 AM
It sounds like a good start so far Vod.

Inquisitor Tremayne
11-09-2007, 10:11 AM
Tan yells, "Over my dead body!" and quick draws his blaster and fires of a shot or two. He tells the rest of the group, "Nows your chance to earn your pay!"

A small shoot out ensues with very few of the PCs taking much damage and they manage to wipe out the thugs that assaulted them. They hide the bodies and hop in the speeder truck and a landspeeder that belongs to Tan and they leave for their destination.

Tan informs them that they are headed to an estate outside the city, should take them about an hour to get there. On their way out of the city, two landspeeders with more thugs in them speed up behind the truck. Elismate, who is driving the truck, maneuvers into a position directly in front of one of the open top landspeeders. He increases his altitude by about a meter and then slams on the breaks. The other speeder speeds underneath the truck and its occupants all hit their heads on the back of the truck, knocking them all unconscious. Their speeder skids off to the side and comes to a stop. Tan pulls a 180 in his speeder and opens fire on the remaining thugs, blaster fire is exchanged between the remaining thugs and Stee, who easily manages to incapacitate the rest of the goons.

They manage to make it the rest of their journey unimpeded.

(stay tuned)

Inquisitor Tremayne
06-26-2008, 11:10 AM
After a couple of hours they arrive at a well guarded estate and are directed to pilot the speeder truck toward one of the warehouses in back. Ton goes to speak with an overweight and wealthy Rodian while the PCs oversee the unloading of the cargo.

After a brief time everyone loads back up and returns to the docking bay. Here Ton pays them their cut and they set a course for Tatooine where they are to pick up another cargo.

They land at Tatooine and Ton leaves the PCs on the ship to go meet his contact and set up the cargo delivery. When he leaves the droid, SP, informs the PCs that Ton is setting them up. He has stolen this ship from a crime lord and is using the PCs as a patsy, to throw the crime lord off his trail. The PCs decide to steal the ship from Ton and they take off from Tatooine.

Pause while I try to remember the rest...