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by Omni
Release Date: 2007-12-31
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Quated from the publisher:

A horror sourcebook for the Omni System. Edge horror is a genre of horror that relatively new. This genre relies more on style and presentation to define it rather than subject matter or theme. It emphasizes vivid imagery and a focus on small details. It relies on an iceberg method of horror, only showing the audience enough of something to make it terrifying. Fiction or movies of this genre are works of high-tension, where a constant level of threat or mistrust pervades the scene. Finally, edge horror is primarily about real people and the way they interact with each other.

A prime example of edge horror would be the film The Ring. Throughout either movie, itís the small details that are the most horrifying. The image of a single book, or a pail of water can be used to evoke feelings of dread and terror. Something as simple as a ladder propped up against a wall is just as threatening to participants in the story as any demon or wraith. More importantly, The Ring is really about the struggle of different characters thrown together in an extraordinary circumstance.

Edge horror is:

Focusing on small, vivid images instead of the whole scene
A slow, building of tension, rather than lots of action
Not afraid to use violence or gore, but never just for the sake of it
A very personal story, rather than one that is epic in scope
A place where depravity and terror live and breathe Because edge horror is defined more by style than anything else, it often crosses genres. It has courted Lovecraftian horror as well as more traditional Gothic horror. Just about any kind of horror story can be viewed through the edge horror lens.