View Full Version : [oWoD/W:tA] Need help developing ideas for a chronicle I am planning

10-27-2007, 01:09 AM

I am a new ST that somewhat recently joined the boards and would like to ask for some help expanding upon my ideas for a chronicle I have in the works. The basic story revolves around the Wendigo, Croatan, and Uktena. I am hoping to emphasize their link in the past, the feelings of grief when they remember their lost brother, and the renewal of hope when the possibility of their brother returning reveals itself.

My main sources of information for this endeavor are, Croatan Song, Umbra: the Velvet Shadow, Uktena and Wendigo tribebooks(revised and original), Player's Guides (1, 2, and Revised) and the "Past Lives" sourcebook. Those books show that Garou know they died, and for what, but have no true understanding of the events. As I understand it, when the 'last' Croatan was finally sacrificed into the maw of the Eater-of-Souls, their kinfolk suddenly became normal people and the Croatan who were unable to make the trek to this sacrifice suddenly had their spiritual halves ripped away from them, slipping into Harano and dying. This seems (to me) to be that Turtle was hurt severely by this sacrifice and fell into a long and deep sleep to heal himself. As "Umbra: the Velvet Shadow" states when Wendigo and Uktena of the Ghost Dancer camp visit the homeland of the Croatan they feel they are being watched. There are tales of a Wendigo pack who were helped in a battle they would have surely lost by a Garou with no discernable tribal mark. These are just some of the hints that the Croatan may live on in secret

In my game I want Turtle to reawaken. I know this much, and I have many ideas planned right now but am seeking opinions on some of these ideas. My main problem is deciding whether Croatan have been hiding their existence, or with the awakening of Turtle several of their lost kinfolk reawaken and change. Anyone got any ideas to help me to push this along?

Another question is how do I handle Turtle's reawakening? Should I have Turtle reawaken after a few centuries, calling new children to him and teaching them by himself? Or should I have the players find him and search for a way to reawaken him?