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10-26-2007, 04:29 PM
I am going to be running a Vampire the Masquerade game every Saturday night (late evening) at my place (near Berlin). It will be set in the Fox Valley (mostly Oshkosh...although the players could go to Timbucktoo if they really wanted to... :rolleyes: ) and players will make their own characters. I run a 60/40 to 70/30 game in terms of roleplaying to combat ratio. I strive to give my players freedom while still telling an overall story and I consider the night a success if everyone (or at least the majority ;) ) had a good time.

We have two cats and two ferrets (the ferrets are far away from the gaming area) so if allergies are a problem that may be something to consider. I also like to have a beer or two (three?) over the course of the game and don't mind alcohol at the table as long as it doesn't get too disruptive.

If you have never played Vampire before I would be happy to teach you, it is one of the easiest roleplaying systems to learn. I am 27 years old and my husband also roleplays. Outside of roleplaying we enjoy nature, the Simpsons, Belegarth style fighting, ummm....and cake!

Post here or PM me if you live in the area and are interested or have questions...or if you just want to flame me for the following RPG Disclaimer... :p

RPG Disclaimer: :confused:
I envision this being a long term, ongoing, campaign, as such it is important that the game take some priority in your life. I understand that life happens and if you have to miss a game now and again for some reason that is fine, if it becomes frequent you will be asked to step out of the game. I do this not to be a hardass but because I write my games and plots around the characters and if they are not there frequently, it effects the overall feel/enjoyability of the game. 8)