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10-24-2007, 10:34 PM
Draconic Prophesy
Game Master – Hans Weidig. Game Setting – Eberron.

This is a Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons game, currently open to first player characters. Character creation is a choice between 30 point buy and rolling 4d6 (drop1) 8 times (drop 2). Starting gold pieces is 60, and characters begin with one set of clothes free. Characters of course start with the maximum hit points allowed their class. For second level and beyond, players are required to roll hit points, but must meet half the hit die, rounded down, at minimum.

Core Rulebooks are not required for play (the System Reference Document is available for use), but any other rules a player wishes for her character use must be demonstrable by the player. In other words, if you want to play a ninja, you need to bring Complete Adventurer with you. Although Psionics are a part of the SRD, you must gain permission before use. The same rule applies for 3rd party supplements. Note: this means that there are psionic rules I am prepared to allow in my games, as well as certain Mongoose feats, but not all of them. I am also giving specific permission for the rules in the Eberron Campaign Setting (same rules as SRD, applies to ECSB, PGtoE, RofE). Previous knowledge of the setting is not required for play; the majority of the group is unfamiliar with the setting.

In a similar manner, although I am granting general permission for all Wizards of the Coast 3.0/3.5 rulebooks, as long as you bring the rules with you. As the DM, I maintain the right to nerf/boost any rules I find to be not in accordance to the spirit of DnD. Rules are never in flux during combat. If a problem exists, I will rule for the encounter, and we will fix it afterwards. Please note “I” and “we”, it is a group game, we will make group rules.

Optional rules enforced by the DM:

Spot and Listen skills have been merged into Perception.
For a natural roll of a 1 on a d20, use a -10 instead.
For a natural roll of 20 on a d20, use a +30 instead.

The game is hosted by the Family Game Store in Savage Mills Mall.