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10-23-2007, 03:11 PM
So I've been thinking about the only successful long term D&D game I ran (1-30lvl AD&D 2nd Forgotton Realms) and I think I may want to update it and run it again. None of my players played the old game but I as a GM have changed over the years and I don't have all my old stuff anyway. The first question I pose is should I do it? After all it will never be the same but can it possibly be as good as I remeber it? :rolleyes:

The original story centered around Gargaruth (sp?) after being kicked out of hell trying to take back over hell and the abyss then assualting the gods. It started out at the Friendly Arm Inn and stayed inside the Sword Coast with a few jaunts to Waterdeep.

*** New Campaign Spoilers ***

The new story starts with a goblin raid on the naskel mines, PCs will be from naskel and have family and friends trapped in the mines. Now the raid happens because the Miller is a follower of the BBEG and has convinced a Farmer that inorder for the Farmer to gain more farming lands it would be best if they can stop the tavern owners child (a PC) from marige with the mine owners child. The Miller knows that in the mines there is a hidded temple to the BBEG. The plan is to support the Shop Keeper in his bid for Mayor and the Shop Owner will hand over the mines to the Miller and the farming land to the Farmer. The Shop Owner will also shut down the competing tavern for the Inn Keeper and in return the Inn Keeper will contact the goblins to raid the mines.

So thats the main prolog plot, the Miller trying to get the hidden temple but I need some side quests and perhaps some more details :D