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10-23-2007, 01:27 PM
I started a like thread on the Fantasy Forums, so figured I'd put one here too since I'm such a massive fan of heroic games.

So, tell us, who was your favorite character that you played or created as a GM in a heroic setting game. Tell us about that character and what made them so geek-out cool.

10-23-2007, 08:37 PM
My all time favorite D&D character has to be Mudgrubber. His full name is Thorak Mudgrubber. I loved him because he was obsessed with gold, no matter the form. When the wizard cast lightning bolt at too short of a distance and it caught him in the backlash, his gold was melted to slag, so he tossed it into the swamp bogs. Mudgrubber dove into the muck, splashing and thrashing around in the grime, and came up out of that mess, covered head to toe in filth, but he had that melted lump of gold.
He also had to learn how to ride a horse, and role-playing learning how to ride a horse, much less learn how to stop without being thrown 20 feet in front of the horse, was a fantastic time! Thus he became my namesake, and I maintain his character sheet in 3E D&D for NPC use only, and then only when playing the Forgotten Realms.

10-24-2007, 08:24 AM
Hey Mud,

I think you got carried away and missed the fantasy section with your answer. This thread was focusing on the Super Heroic genre and your favorite PC Super Hero.

10-25-2007, 11:12 PM
I've had several favorite characters; some I got to play a lot, and others not so much.

One that I never really played as much as I wanted was Citadel, a guy whose life was essentially ruined by gaining super powers.


From the Character Sheet of Citadel
Doran spent nearly a year wandering the country attempting to do good deeds, as he
thought he should, but due to a series of mishaps and accidents, his hoped for heroic reputation
never came about. Doran also spent some time in the asteroid field surrounding Earth, working
as an asteroid miner, breaking up huge chunks of rock and iron into manageable sized pieces
for transport to Earth.
Currently, Doran works as a human bulldozer, moving and breaking up stone in a quarry
in rural Western Virginia. Doran feels that his life is a horrible mess, and his depression shows
up in the form of anger, much of which he releases at work breaking up the rock. Doran realizes
how the public must view his ultimate form, a 27 tonne (59,500 lbs), 13.3m tall stone monstrosity

07-10-2009, 07:59 PM
I created a character named Paladin, originally as an NPC in my Villains and Vigilantes game. He was a regenerating, super strong martial artist, who never got tired. He was also an idealized version of me. I played the character later in a number of different games and game systems while continuing to use him as an NPC in my own game.
I even managed to publish some stories about him which one day I'll put on line but it isn't there yet. Read about them at this site http://www.bhamwiki.com/w/Paladin . Oddly enough I didn't create that page myself and was really surprised when I discovered it.
There have been many different versions of the character and even now I'm planning a new version of him which I'm going to probuce as a webcomic in the distant future.

07-20-2009, 11:00 AM
For a "Mutants & Masterminds" game, I created a "good" T-1000, named Beta*. I had some awesome ideas in the future for him but we only got one gaming session in.

(*I think that is what he name was. Its been a while. I know I didn't name him Alpha.)

07-20-2009, 03:24 PM
My favorite character? Easy. That would be the one that I also use as a user name. Arkhemedes, a Mulhorandi from the Old Empires, started out as a slave for a Red Wizard of Thay and along with other PCs escaped and, over the years, eventually became a 25th level mage and the wielder of two artifacts of water and air elemental power. He now lives on his own private island in the Sea of Fallen Stars (where he is known as The Storm Warden) with his wife (also a powerful mage), a huge adult brown dragon named Amon-Re (which can fly despite the fact that it has no wings), and his apprentice, a fremlin called Aristotle that is also a 9th level mage. Arkhemedes also has the best mage magic items including some very powerful and unique ones that keep him from aging, give him 40% magic resistance, and powers too numerous to mention. He also has 84 hit points (which is phenominal considering he's a straight mage), a 20 intelligence, 18 strength, etc., and the permanent powers of: read magic, detect invisibility, tongues and lightning reflection. He also has several very handy psionic powers.

Put simply he is in the same league as Elminster and the Simbul. And he was a player character in a friend's campaign where everything was earned and not just some guy I made up and gave a bunch of stuff.

Baldwin Stonewood
07-20-2009, 08:39 PM
My favorite character is Rownig Nailo, an elf, in one of the games I'm currently in. He is a 7th level rogue, 3rd level battle trickster, and 3rd level shadow dancer. He gained his shadow companion, Chester, last session. He fought - along with his companions - a few high powered drow, two sessions ago, and they cast planar shift on him which sent him to the shadow plane in mid-battle. He managed to get himself back and Chester followed him back.

Rownig had a cursed emerald necklace for two years of real game time. That item attracted undead, but he always maintained it was an early warning device which warned the party, by glowing green, when undead were near. This was a relatively low magic campaign (until recently) and he couldn't find cleric to remove curse.

He uses two short swords, one is a +2 keen edge and the other is +2 shocking burst. Weapon finesse, two weapon fighting and improved two weapon fighting. He is exceptionally fast and has always benefitted from his hide skill and has a knack for flanking.

07-20-2009, 09:18 PM
my favorite was an elven thief named Milkar who rolled so awful for hp points he had 22 hp at 13th level ad&d 1st edition. He made his reputation for the con. Sold a genie a bowl of watery death, sold a +2 quarterstaff as a magical staff to a wizard, had a paladin put into jail for assaulting him at the beginning of a convention game. The paladin detected evil on me and grabbed me by the neck. I looked at the dm who was playing the summoner that brought us there and wanted to press charges. The guys jaw just dropped and the dm began to laugh and agreed. The paladin had to pay me not to have him put in jail.

Loved that character.

07-20-2009, 11:19 PM
If you're talking about "super hero" characters (per the forum this thread is located in), then it would certainly be Mr. Hero. He was an otherwise typical "brick" style hero (super strength and durability) but with a twisted sort of "Tony Stark" complex. He owned his own company (Hero Industries Inc.) which he used to cash in on his super hero image. He manufactured and marketed all manner of products using his hero identity and had his own line of "Mr. Hero" action figures and other children's paraphenalia as well as a Saturday morning cartoon, snackfoods, athletic wear, sunglasses and several pending movie deals with major movie studios. He chose the name because of it was simple, iconic, dramatic, easy to remember and exceptionally marketable.

After a big fight, when the cops and news crews would arrive, the rest of the party would try to flee the scene to avoid dealing with the rabble while Mr. Hero stayed behind to soak up all the free publicity/advertising he could.

I loved that character. Sadly, we didn't play that campaign for very long.

07-21-2009, 01:22 AM
Was Mr. Hero's arch-nemesis, Dr. Villian?

Yeah, it is kinda funny that everyone is talking about their favorite fantasy characters in a Super Heroic forum section.

07-21-2009, 01:31 AM
Was Mr. Hero's arch-nemesis, Dr. Villian?

Yeah, it is kinda funny that everyone is talking about their favorite fantasy characters in a Super Heroic forum section.

Naw. Such a name isn't nearly catchy and marketable enough for lasting appeal. ;)

The arch-nemesis devised for his toy/cartoon line was Dr. Chaos, evil genius and leader of the globe-spanning syndicate called The League of Sin.

Naturally, I would have loved it if the GM introduced an "actual" Dr. Chaos for Mr. Hero to battle!!! :biggrin:

07-21-2009, 08:04 AM
Was Mr. Hero's arch-nemesis, Dr. Villian?

Yeah, it is kinda funny that everyone is talking about their favorite fantasy characters in a Super Heroic forum section.
Oops, sorry about that. Clearly some of us weren't paying attention to the category.

07-21-2009, 10:17 AM
My favorite superhero would have to be a character I played named Nebula. Created using the Champions system, back in the early 80s in a campaign world that used Marvel and DC characters.

The campaign had characters of varying power levels but the GM handled the group very well. Was the best long term super campaigns I have every played in. I was lucky because the GM who ran that campaign had played with Aaron Allston as GM.

Anyway, Nebula was one of the more powerful characters in the game that was an energy brick archtype.

07-22-2009, 12:26 AM
Favorite was Reena using VaV; i modeled her after the scarlet witch. She died very unheroic, poisoned. I'm still bitter.

07-22-2009, 04:20 PM
Favorite that got played: Jun, a humanoid-feline alien Mega Hero in Heroes Unlimited. Energy blasts, natural combat ability, regeneration, superhuman cuteness. Weakness to jade - sorta like her Kryptonite, but closer to cold iron for faeries. Her villain(ess) was another alien Mega, a four-armed humanoid with a wicked-nasty magic bow; I still think she wanted to make Jun her pet, of sorts ... ;)

Favorite that never got played: Pepper Farraday, a robotics genius's daughter, gifted with insight into all things tech. (Naturally, she's an android herself, and doesn't know it; at least, at first. Her 'knacks' are libraries of schematics and theories stored in her robot-brain.)

07-26-2009, 12:38 PM
My favorite hero was a Brittish soldier known as The Lieutenant. During WW2 he was nearly killed by an explosion and woke to find he'd forgotten who he was or why he was in the midst of a fierce battle. Nearby he found a body, steeling both the dead man's clothes and his boots as they which in much better shape. Shortly thereafter he was captured by German forces.

During captivity, he discovered his power when he pointed at a German Officer as if his own hand were a gun. With a flick of his thumb like the hammer of a .45 there came the sound of a gunshot and the Officer's head exploded.

I got the idea watching Crank for anyone who's seen that movie.

07-26-2009, 05:07 PM
Alison Vanderbilt a.k.a. Gravity Girl was a spoiled high school junior from Orange County who woke up one day to discover that she was not only a mutant, but was potentially one of the most powerful mutants alive.

She was shallow, self-absorbed, and materialistic, but she wasn't an airhead, and she did like to help people (even if it was on her own terms, i.e. "Can this wait til after my pedicure?") and after one of her friends was killed by a supervillain, she developed the focus and desire to learn more about her powers.

She started out on City of Heroes, I forget which server, but I've played her in other places since then with a variety of systems.

09-05-2009, 11:23 PM
hey guys
my favorite PC is the one i still use for my marvel setting based on the MU adventure game:



The son of a decorated firefighter and a police officer, Noah's life was forever changed (at 17),when his parents were killed by a assassin on behalf of the crime lord known as Hammerhead to silence them from testifying against a cadre of corrupt police officers working on his behalf.

Instead of grieving, Noah began to work harder on his studies, his mind, and his body to perfect himself as a weapon against organized crime.....after he graduated from High school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, he seem combat duty in Grenada, and in the Middle East, after serving his tour of duty.. he was recruited into a covert espionage unit known only as the Sanction, in which he acted as an infiltration and saboteur. it is unclear of why he left........

Upon returning home to Rochester, NY, applied for the RPD civil service exam, passing at the top of the group.
However his time at the Department was brief, he was disturbed by the large amount of corruption and apathy among his fellow officers, and after serving 3 years, he left .

Noah had decided a different approach was needed, he had heard news of the vigilante Punisher, and Daredevil
and at that point decided to emulate their tactic to crime.
But his first attempt proved near fatal, as he was nearly killed by police officers , led by his Mother's former partner. (who was working for Hammerhead)

Noah was left for dead, and was found by a homeless man, who was actually a wandering Shaolin Monk
named Chiang, who sensed his personal pain and anguish at the world over his loss, had healed his injuries using Chinese healing herbs,and , after offering Noah to travel with him,began teaching him the path of peace and enlightenment.
The training was long and difficult, often placing his anger at odds with his new mentor's Philosophy. But in the end, it had improved Noah's mental strength, but also , his body had absorbed the healing herbs with an unexpected result, improving his strength , and improving his healing capabilities.
After 4 years of wandering,, Chiang had decided that Noah was finished with his training and that he needed to find peace with his inner demons and return to make a difference in the world.
Noah returned home to Rochester had himself enrolled into college(majoring to electronics), and started to scout out the city's underworld, with the intent to strike those spot and attempt to cripple the corrupt police officers.
After a few successful raids of the drug houses, the local media had started to dub him , the "Knight of the storm",due to his tendency to strike during rainstorms, and that the loot was often given to homeless shelters afterwards. He had decided to take that mantle as champion of the city streets, and those unable to defend themselves from crime.
It was on one one such raid that Stormknight encountered his first masked opponent, the assassin known as the Black Tiger, who was under orders to take out the masked intruder from Lincoln Patterson, his mother's former partner .... after an intense battle that left Noah wounded and tiger seemingly dead..Noah had found that his mother's ex partner was attempting to control Rochester's criminal market.
Stormknight eventually confronted Patterson, who revealed to Stormknight while in battle that it was he who killed Noah's parents under orders of Hammerhead. and that he will eventually control all crime as Hammerhead's right hand man.
The battle ended when Stormknight left Patterson hanging on at the edge of a building , leaving him to the police, but patterson , refusing to go to jail, seemingly fell to his death into the Genesee River.
Noah, now without a purpose, decided to finish college and seem content to retire as a costumed hero.
A trip to NYC soon changed that, however as he was forced into action as Stormknight fought the Scorpion, who was on the run from the heroic group known as the Avengers. after a prolonged fight, in which Stormknight was outgunned, used his superior fighting skills to the max, and beaten scorpion after detonating a grenade in the mechanical blaster tail of the villain.

Iron Man, then chairman of the Avengers, was impressed by Stormknight's bravery, and hoping to fill a void in membership, and invited him to join, and Stormknight quickly accepted. While serving a long successful stint with the team, He met the The Black Widow (who would start up a romance between them), fighting such criminals such as Kang, Graviton,Dr. Octopus and the Masters of Evil, he proved himself worthy of being a member to the point he was elected Chairman...but his idea to have the Avengers act in a first strike capacity seemed to clash with the Avenger charter and ideology. This led to many clashes between him and Captain America, which led to Stormknight's leaving the Team. (he is a inactive member to this day and has a very cool relationship with Captain America.)
After Stormknight left the Avengers, he had dedicated himself to a new purpose: to form a first strike team of his own to take down criminal before devastating consequences could happen. Drawing Funds that he had saved from his avenger stipend, and cash he had stashed away from his early crime fighting days, he used these funds to start construction of his team headquarters. and started his plans to recruit members.
this team would eventually become known as Phoenix Flight.
On one team mission,he saved the team from the tyrant known as Monarch as he tried to detonate a large explosive to destroy the team, seemingly killing him in the process.
But Stormknight has recently resurfaced in Rochester, now with a new purpose:as a freelance security specialist dealing with corporate and private security.
It has been revealed that Stormknight has done this as a way to monitor certain "questionable " elements with ties to local and international criminal links. H has also re-established his ties to the team that he has founded , Phoenix Flight, an acts a reserve member, and administrator.
He still operates as a solo operative as well ,patrolling the city streets of Rochester NY......

Noah learned that he was a beneficiary in a will , and it includes major information on the activities of Hammerhead by his mother.but this has brought the attention of many of
Hammerhead's enemies as well , most notably the crime lord known as the Kingpin of Crime....in the process of finding information on recent illegal weapon shipping thru Rochester, Stormknight crossed staff/claws with longtime time ally Vixen, with both realizing that the weapons were part of a large scale gang war involving the crime lord Benjamin Lilac and the criminal Deadly Nightshade in a attempt to usurp the so called Kingpin of Crime. It was during this case, it was revealed that it was His mother's former partner in the Rochester Police Department, Lincoln Patterson,in a ironic sense of redemption, who named Noah in his will, as he was dying of lung cancer.

While investigating a series of thefts involving a magical artifacts, he was attacked by members of the Masters of Evil, working under the Mandarin. Barely surviving this, he has recruited various allies in response, once again taking the codename of Phoenix Flight. Stormknight remains committed to the team, primarily as financier of the team thru his Knightwatch Security company. He Also arranged to have the team Moved from it then temporary home in NYC, to the artificial barge known as Hydrobase(see Stingray), as a proposition prior to Stingray's registration with the so called "50 States Initiative", and had it renamed Phoenix Island.

During the so called "Civil War", he realized that the concept of the SHRA (Superhuman Registration Act) was against everything he believed in, and would dramatically hinder his modus operandi of dealing with criminals, and he sided with The so called "Secret Avengers", despite his uneasy relationship with it's leader Captain America (Steve Rogers), and Close association with the Director of the Act, Tony Stark (Iron Man). The Team had learned of Stark's business dealing with the US Government during this event, and brought to light how Stark had profited from contracts made during this time, including the rights to produce the mechanical Sentinels from Shaw Industries (see Sebastian Shaw).
Upon the so called amnesty, He and the Team still remain Unregistered at this time. Stormknight's friendship with the Armored Avenger has cooled slightly as a result of these actions.

Stormknight has recently disappeared in light of learning of a potential SKrull plot, was secretly working against them to repel the aliens attempt to invade Earth. But has turned to reform Phoenix Flight as a direct responce to Actions instigated by Norman Osbourne.

10-07-2009, 12:37 AM
My all time favorite character would have to be a Marvel character I rolled up years ago named Creator. He had Life Form Creation and had the Ultimate Skill of Genetics, so he really had a handle on his main power. Of the things I was able to create during the game with red feat rolls were Babel fish (from the HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY) to understand alien languages, weemuffs (creatures that looked like Fizzigig from DARK CRYSTAL that attached to a humanoid's nose and mouth and provided protection from the rigors of outer space), and variations of the She-Hulk (why waste the power if I didn't have that his specialization). He also had empathy (limited to his creations only), webcasting (metamorphic, so he could experiment further with any life form he created and just regular webbing) and dimension travel. Of course, these days a character like that couldn't be in the published Marvel Universe without being killed or being revealed to have been a Skrull for the past fifteen months or whatnot.