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09-19-2006, 05:53 PM
Established MUX seeks staffers who are familiar with the Marvel Universe during its Golden Age of 1992 through 1996. The MUX is a NON CHARGEN site, however it requires a RP test for players to take characters then subsequent setup of description and +finger attributes for FC’s and a brief write-up of characteristics for OC’s. The MU is based within the Marvel Universe and utilizes www.classicmarvel.com (http://www.classicmarvel.com/) as a reference point for characteristics of FC’s. Therefore, staffing positions are relatively easy and more time can be spent on RP’ing than actually working as staff. The RP test however is utilized to keep the troublemakers and inept out of the player base. And therefore, the staffers must be knowledgeable of said universe and its characters.

The MUX is fully equipped with code, boards, rooms/structures, freecode, CHARGEN areas, etc. Nothing need be added, and minor modifications may be required depending on necessary addendums. At this point, the MUX is a shell waiting for staff and players to join. Once staff is secured, the MUX will be open for business and players will be invited to participate. The MUX is focused on the X-Men and all X-Related spheres. Other spheres such as the Avengers, Street, Cosmic, Mystical, etc may be opened in the future if need be. And the MUX is cannon and social oriented, epic battles are to be kept to a minimum and not necessarily the focus of this venture.

One thing that should be made clear, this MUX will not tolerate immature or stupid behavior. This may be a subjective definition, but put it into this context: “You’re sitting at a church function having a nice outing with fellow parishioners… If you are inclined to act like a moron, use foul language, or harass someone, you are not welcome on this MUX.”.

If you are interested in participating as a staffer and have knowledge of the Marvel Universe of this era, or feel you have something to offer to make this site a success, do not hesitate to contact me at brelas@gmail.com or log into classicmarvel.mushpark.com:1992 and look me up.

Seeking RP, TP, App and Theme Staff. Code and Building is already done.

Moritz - Voyce@Classic Marvel Universe