View Full Version : CA, San Luis Obispo, DnD

10-13-2007, 12:15 PM

I'm a college student living in San Luis Obispo, CA and am looking for a consistient group to play with. I've been trying to get into DnD but I have played SWRPG as well.

I've been playing living grey hawk at Cal Poly's game theory club, but i yearn for a campaign set around the player with less restrictions and more imagination and role play. I also would like a setting where I can drink a beer without being in the uber geek game convention style play setting. I never thought of dnd as a competitive game, but I guess the WoW mentality is taking over. What happened to the tightnit fellowship?

My brother and girl friend do play at home once in a while, yet not too much since we're new to the game and need more people... I d

I've yet to play through online media, but I was thinking stickam would be a good idea for an online group since it has group video.

Anyhow, cheers to all, and I hope to meet people in my area!