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10-06-2007, 10:23 PM
Hello Everyone and like I posted in another Thread this is the Story so far.............

Three lucky(Unlucky) vault dwellers gotrandomly selected to replace the water chip of V.13.....this is thier story

Day 1.
After a breif meeting with the overseer Nathan,Tom,and James set off to V.15 which was only a few days west of V.13 according to the Overseer.It was a very new experance for the 3 of them.As they where heading out the airlock door, James noticed a body laying at the control pannel on the outside of the main door. After searching the body they found out it was one of their own."Guess we were not the first to leave" Nathan said. While they looking around Tom heard a nosie coming from off in the darkness so he asked James to light a flare so he could see what it was. As james lighted the flare many rats came out with hunger in thier little black eyes for they saw what was on there minds MEAT.The hungry little creatures attacked with food on thre minds Nathan acted quickly and fired off a couple of rounds from his Pistol killing on and blowing the foot off another.James Stabbed another with his knife.

12-11-2009, 05:34 PM
Hey man i was wondering if you where going to run a campaign, if you are i have the rule book for a fallout PNP that i can send you via email. I would love to join if you would like to have me.