View Full Version : LFG Beaverton, OR for Sat nights

exalted warlock
10-03-2007, 04:52 AM
I have experience in many game systems,
AD&D 3.5, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Fantasy Hero, etc.
Looking for a group that is long-term focused on building a campaign
that starts small and grows to epic proportions --- I don't care for one-shot or short-term games where a new one is played every week!

IMO, campaigns die when there are 2-3 week gaps between sessions - and that's no fun.

Saturdays, after 4pm to ??? is good with me.
I prefer to play at this point, but do have a uber-campaign idea spinning around in the brain that starts in Ptolus, but do not have all the campaign materials for it currently.

contact me here, or at exaltedwarlock@gmail.com thanks!
ps - prefer adults-only, as I like games that take on a darker theme, getting into the nitty-gritty of epic evil (no not the players being evil, but the evils they face being REALLY evil ) :)