View Full Version : PDX - EAST (troutdale)

09-23-2007, 12:55 PM
Looking to start a campaign. I have 3 basic lines of thought ...one would be a dark/futre sci-fi setting (ala blade runner syle) the other would be a straight up sci-fi .. nebuleon... or even star wars saga (I need to pick that up). the other would be fantasy... but with some steam punkish ideas to allow for some cool things.

Lastly...I would consider stormbringer... or an eternal champion style setting.

in a perfect group I would see a 3-5 session setting then rotating to a different DM or just to different game settings to keep things interesting if the group was so inclined. Over all I want to start a game... I have the place to play and the games.... I need players.

I am 39 and looking for mature (well aged) gamers to join in a bi-weekly game (friday-sat-or sun eves pref. - negotiable).