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Elata background info:

The country that the campaign is set around is called Elata. At this point in time, it is a country in chaos.

King Juno and Queen Iris were up until recently rulers of Elata, and their captial city was Ushmantu City. Because of their immense greed and stealing from their subjects, the gods have removed them from power, changed their forms, and hidden them away somewhere on Elata.

In the days preceding this, the gods of good have partially caved in Crystal Mount, trapping a greedy Blue dragon named Nero. The Dwarves and the Wood Elves are arguing mining rights to this mount, unbeknownst to them at the bottom of the mount is an entrapped Dragon.

In response to what the gods of good have done, the gods of evil have created a black pearl called the Gemini Pearl, hidden somewhere on Elata. The gods of good to neutralize the evil pearl, created their own white Pearl called the Scorpius Pearl and is also hidden somewhere.

Elata Cities, Towns and Villages
1.Ushmantu City-capital, mixed races
2.Periwinkle Branch-small Human and Half-elf farming village
3.Hin-small city, taken over by Gnolls
4.Kender Grove-small Kender village
5.Kalula-Elf (High/Common) & small minority of Elven Subraces village
6.Keibo-Wood Elf City
7.Mustifon-small city, mixed races
8.Triemere Keep- A small hold of a Vampiric family
9.Tmitsche Keep- A rival hold of Triemere, also a hold for a Vampiric Family
10.Crystal Mount-Dwarven city (underground)

Reminder:Festy is in Ushmantu City's outskirts.


Major NPCs

Pinch Lightfinger, Kender, Festy's assistant; Class: Rogue
Festy Windwalker, Elf, Class: Wizard
Roraquat, Dwarf, Dwarf Cheiftain, Class: Aristocrat
Lord Marven the Legendary, Half-Elf, Leader of resistance group, Class: Bard/Aristocrat
Valkier, Human, Cleric of Bahamut
Omiran, Warforged, Duskblade
Ivory-Wagon Horse
Ebony-Wagon Horse


Leoster Dryadson, Human, Class: Expert
Rufus Moonbane-Human AssailantKnown Adversary/enemy NPCs and organizations

Iellion, Half-elf, Head of the Dark Brigade, Class: Dragon Shaman(Blue)
The Dark Brigade: Does Iellion's bidding, Has a Hextor/Blue Dragon symbol
Draeden, Human, Druid

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New and Improved Map is uploaded and the NPC list is updated to include all NPC allies going with the group to the arena.

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Adjacent Temple: (Ignore the word Rebel on top)

Arena & its buildings: