View Full Version : Sundays: A Savage new World Awaits!

09-07-2007, 11:27 AM
Where: My House in Portland, OR
When: Alternating Sunday evenings, usually from 6-ish to 10.

We are a trio of local gamers in our mid-to-late 20s looking for a few others for a fun Savage Worlds fantasy game, inspired by the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. That movie had it all - adventure, investigation, political intrigue, high tension, emotion, and WILD crazy action - and it is a good representation of exactly how I want my games to be: Awesome.

I favor games of adventure and intrigue driven forward by characters with their own personal goals and stories. I usually prepare for campaigns of 10-13 sessions, but should the game rock I am more than excited to continue - and of course, should it conclude early, I'm able to appreciate that as well. We're open to good-natured gamers of all ages, provided you like to get down, roleplay, roll some dice, and take some names.

Interested? Drop me a line! Don't know Savage Worlds? Don't worry, it's easy enough to be learned entirely within the 5 minutes it takes you to make a character. The setting is a homebrew of gritty low-fantasy, with some magic and weirdness but more focus on human struggle in a savage new world across the ocean.

- Nathanael