View Full Version : Most memorable super heroic moment?

Digital Arcanist
09-06-2007, 03:51 PM
Well everyone,

Let's hear your single most memorable moment or battle in a super heroic game.....

I'll start...

My first GM had an obsession with Nazis. His life was suffused with Nazis influences. At first this may sound terrible, but he hated Nazis with a passion. This obsession, of course, bled into our campaigns. Everywhere our heroes turned, there were Nazis to foil.

During one rather exciting session, I had introduced my newest hero, The Mighty Quake. As many of you are guessing, Quake's powers lie in the realm of earth. Quake could manipulate earth, much like an earth-bender from Avatar: The Last Air-bender. Our team was infiltrating and neutralizing Nazis research facilities, and became besieged by a battalion (that's several hundred right?) of Nazis soldiers. One hero, The Republican, had a very generous opinion of his abilities and went chasing after one of the scientists down into the bowels of the castle we were infiltrating. The remainder of the team was occupied fending off several platoons of soldiers all the while searching for our primary target. We also had a telepath who coordinated the attack and kept us together. Through the telepath, we heard the anguished cries of The Republican and saw his demise. Quake had the social limitation of flying into a rage at the fall of a comrade. I failed my roll to check myself and was forced to summon all my powers and attack the Nazis. I did so and used my AoE earthquake attack. I rolled the equivalent of a natural 20 and also rolled one pip away from max damage on a 12d6 attack. Since we were fighting on the upper ramparts of the castle, the top most layer fell into the floor below, which fell into the floor below, and so on until I had collapsed the center of the castle down into the new construction of the labs many levels down. After careful calculation, I had accumulated several hundred kills in one blow and casually finished the last few armored suits personally. To this day, my friends still speak of the night of 1,000 Nazis and how Quake defeated more than half of them.

As a side note, Quake and his team inherited a secret island base which, we kept secret from our government employers and still use. We also inherited the island staff and soldiers. Quake, being team leader, is now faced with a villain more vile and repulsive than any he has faced before. We call it The Bureaucracy. Who would have thought taking down super-powered villains would be easier than choosing an HMO or making sure everyone got their Christmas bonuses.