View Full Version : New from DK;-)

08-31-2007, 01:19 PM
Hey all, I'm from Denmark (Scandinavia, Europe, Earth) and kinda stumbled across this site when surfing a little.... I have played D&D for ever, and read all the books i could get my hands on, almost quick read 600 by now :S.... I am a DM and a player, i'm an armature theater actor, and use much of that when i play, I overplay alot, giving lot of action and RPG to a scenario. when im a DM i use alot of riddles and challenge the players, some times i get the players to act against each other, letting them know that only one can win this.

ATM im creating a D&D version of starcraft, and have already added some of it here on this forum
plx add some feedback plz.

hope to have a good time here :-)

09-02-2007, 09:49 PM
Wow Denmark, too far for me for a game. My granddaughter's father lives in some fishing port in Sweden. How far is that from you? I know he was playing in a D&D game last time I heard from him. Anyway, welcome aboard.