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08-29-2007, 09:40 PM
Hello all,

I just found this site after searching the D&D forums at WOTC. I recently moved to Portland, OR, leaving behind an excellent group of players in Knoxville, TN. I found a group of players in my neighborhood; however they meet infrequently (so far averaging once a month). I'mm hoping to find a new group that plays more often.

To quote my profile:

"I have been gaming for about 27 years (since I was 12). I played a wide variety of games including AD&D, Call of Cthulu, Chill, Champions, Fantasy Hero, Marvel Superheroes, Gama-world, Rune Quest, Star Frontiers and Traveler.

I'm married and have a post-graduate degree and due to the obligations of my job and family, I have less time for gaming than I'd like; however, I am hoping to squeeze in about four hours a week of play time. I am currently gaming with a group that meets very infrequently, and I'd like to game more regularly (weekly or bi-weekly).

I like games that include a mix of city and wilderness adventure with ongoing plotines and lots of character developement. I enjoy games in which players are encouraged to develop non-standard characters with creative story hooks and interesting abilities. I dislike being restricted to standard character archetypes; however, I do not enjoy gaming with players who min-max and try to justify it by claiming that they are being "creative."

When running a game, I like for my players to become involved in the story. I encourage them to think about how their characters fit in the campaign setting and to develop interesting back-stories. I try to provide well developed campaign worlds in which such characters can adventure and develop."

08-30-2007, 09:00 AM
Welcome Adair. Be sure to check the player registry and other campaign invitations. Feel free to jump in on current conversations or create your own, we're glad to have ya.