View Full Version : True20/Savage Worlds - Northern VA - looking for a player or two

08-25-2007, 01:25 PM
Hi all,

We are a group that has been playing True20 for about a year now in Falls Church. We currently alternate between two GMs/campaigns. The current campaign is one that I am running, a post-apocalyptic game. The other campaign is a fantasy game set in Eberron. Both games use the True20 system by Green Ronin.

However, as the subject line points out, in the near future we will be having a third campaign run by another in our group. This will basically be a fantasy pirates campaign (yes, with magic) using the Savage Worlds system. We have not yet decided when this pirates campaign will kick off, so as of now we are in the post-apoc. campaign.

We meet usually about once a month on a Friday evening (only once a month due to scheduling issues, though two game sessions in a month have not been unheard of). Right now there are 5 of us that have attended consistently (including the GM), and we could use another player. If interested, just respond to this thread.