View Full Version : TX-Rowlett Area D&D Players and GMs wanted!!!

08-22-2007, 03:46 PM
Herd of Nerds looking for players for a Wednesday game from 7-11 in Rowlett. We play mostly 3.5 D&D mostly based in the Forgotten Realms. We are looking for more mature players preferably older than 25 that can understand that life gets in the way sometimes and games can get canceled. We are trying to build up enough players that even with one gone, THE GAME WILL GO ON!!
Our players will get rude with jokes, we will get crude, and if you cant take that then we arenít the gamers for you. We just like to cut loose and game and laugh and have a great time.
We arenít looking for power gamers, min-maxers, or rules lawyers. We have about an even mix of hack and slash and role-playing. Yes ROLE-playing.
You must be willing to meet the group before an invitation to join us is given. Sorry but this tends to keep the unwantables away since we game at one members house and just would like to know who is actually coming in.
We tend to like people that we can be friends with as opposed to just game buddies.
If I havenít chased you away and you are willing to take a chance, them email me at Magykdragyn@yahoo.com.

08-26-2007, 06:40 PM
I think I sent my info by e-mail, anyway, I always forget to set my Hotmail to keep copies of my "sent" e-mail.

I have to travel for work (once a month) but hope you don't mind.