View Full Version : North Dallas (Allen/Plano/Richardson) D&D Looking for Players.

08-17-2007, 12:14 PM
I live in Plano, TX, just off Central Expy and am starting up a new game this September, however due to our moving situation we're out two players and are looking to pick up one or two more before we get the game moving. (as for me, I've been DMing 1 or 2 games a week for 5 years now, we've done predominately D&D, but right now are playing D20 modern, and we'll occasionally take a break for a CoC or MnM game, but we're moving towards a return to D&D)

We'll be playing every weekend, but unfortunately I don't yet know if we'll be doing it on Sunday or Saturday (in fact we might vary between the two). We're going to be running D&D 3.5e, and we favor a boatload of house rules that I'll come back in and explain if anyone expresses interest.

The important part; we have combat in our games, as well as a great deal of roleplay, but I wouldn't consider the game to be either combat or roleplay focused, some days will see little besides combat and some days we will never leave conversation. Mostly this is because I try to run the game according to how the players want, though this usually means the first few games test the players to see what they show interest in.

Alright, aside from all the boring stuff, we're playing in a home-brewed world, the region where the players will be is based off of an amalgam of ancient Gaul, and Celtic Scotland and Ireland, both in culture and geography. It's a low-magic world, and a dangerous one at that, but magic (and its classes) is being handled in a somewhat different way and is accessible to the players at character creation. It'll be a predominantly 1st level start (though exceptions may arise), and there's no real way to predict which way the game will head, but it will be of Neutral Good intent (though I put little emphasis on true alignment and use it more as a title given by your actions, rather than a restriction on your actions).

As for the kind of players we're looking for: the biggest thing is this- be looking to play a character, not make a build, it's fine if you want your character to be particularly adept and I encourage intelligent creation, the ability to roleplay and act in character is necessary. Aside from that, we have fun, and we'll have some adaptation to do regardless of the situation, there's a number of rules changes you'll have to be able to accept, though we'll be more than willing to hear your input if you don't agree with any of our house rules.