View Full Version : LFP in Broward County, FL

Walt Snider
08-12-2007, 10:28 AM
Hey all,

I'm running D&D in South Florida, Broward County to be specific, and am looking for a couple more rolE-players to round the group out, not rolL-players. We have combat, but we may have 2 or 3 sessions of nothing but talking and skill (bluff, gather info) checks... you're still getting XP, you just aren't killin' stuff.

I interview everyone before introducing them to the group, sometimes having another player to help me.

We're all about 25-35, most married and with kids, and we're prefer the same. We bring our own drinks and food to a person's house, we expect the same. You MUST have the following: Your own Player's Book, pens/pencils, figure. We're old enough to be prepared.

We currently have 5 players, we may need up to 2 more. We have most of the classes filled, except for fighter-types, but I will not limit what you want to do... 2 more rogues will do just fine too, whatever you'd like.

The game is a home-brew where humans and elves are at war. You'll play a human, likely a normal PHB class unless you give me a good enough reason to allow otherwise.

You can PM me here to get my attention. :D