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08-03-2007, 11:24 PM
What is the best way to deal with lycanthropes in a world without night? I am thinking that the alernate creature (wolf, rat, bear, whatever) wants out as much as the human does so there is a constant battle for control of the body. Perhaps whenever the lycnathrope is in a stressful situation, or experiences extreme emotion, he must make a will check. If he fails, the other creature comes out for a set amount of time. Each time he makes the save a cumulative -1 penalty is added to the check until the creature is released at last. Maybe in some cases, if the human form is evil, the lycanthorpe can willingly release control to the creature.
Thoughts? Ideas?

08-03-2007, 11:46 PM
I always thought it'd be cool to see a situation where the human form was evil and the animal side was good natured, tame or what have you.

I like the stress idea, it's very Hulk ("You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.") You could also have lycanthropy revolve around a different trigger. (As a GM always feel free to fudge with your world.) Maybe exposure to a certain element. Maybe exposure to pure silver brings out the animal inside (Which also offers an explaination to a weakness to silver.)

08-04-2007, 12:12 AM
Dan Bayn has a PDF on RPGNow called "Werewolves Bite", which has a slightly different take on lycanthropy. In his version, the Beast only comes out when the character chooses to let it slip its leash. Most of the time, a lycanthrope will only choose to let it out briefly, for a burst of superhuman ability (and a momentary bad hair day) ... but the more benefit he gets from the Beast, the more likely the Beast will stay out and go on a rampage. Bayn's aim in this version is to present players with a moral choice: deal with life as an ordinary human or use a special power that might let loose a great evil.

There's also the Terry Pratchett versions of lycanthropy. One of his characters is a pure-blood werewolf, who can choose to change shape (except during the full moon); in her wolf form she becomes hard-of-thinking but otherwise the same person. There are other half-breeds for whom the full moon is mostly a nuisance: humans who acquire excessive body hair and fangs, and wolves who turn into lupine humanoids and must scavenge for pants. Other werewolves -- "yennorks" -- are stuck in one form permanently, but can pass the gene onto their children; one character was an extremely intelligent wolf who may have had a wolf-shaped yennork in his ancestry.

You could also take another element of Pratchett's werewolves: the smell of blood makes it harder to stay in human form. Imagine your average adventurer, slaying goblins with mad abandon, straining all the while to keep from turning into a wolf. If there's no moon or no night, such a werewolf could avoid the curse simply by leaving a peaceful, vegetarian life ... or, in other words, be an NPC.

08-06-2007, 05:16 PM
What is the best way to deal with lycanthropes in a world without night?

The mythology surrounding lycanthropes paints a strong connection between the moon and the physical manifestation of the beast. In addition to the other queues that could force a transformation, as Frank suggested above, for your world you could use some other natural or unnatural ecological phenomenon. Or, for that matter, even if there is no night, there may still be a moon. Perhaps no one can even see it, but the lycan could still be sensitive to its unseen cycles.