View Full Version : Garfield N.J. Needs 2-3 more players

Vlad Taltos
08-02-2007, 01:20 PM
Two days ago a family of mourners ventured up into the graveyard and didnt return.A pair of sentinels investigated, but the guards vanished as well.The sleepy town of Kingsholm is gripped in fear."We've heard of disturances in graveyards,and tombs but never has such misfortune struck in our town of Kingsholm.Legends of of our graveyard are positive ones ,of protective spirits and eternal rest."
Do like a mystery? Do you like solving puzzles?Do you like intersting encounters that lead to epic battles in exotic locations? Come to Garfield Nj and Delve into The Barrow of the Forgotten King.Mondays afternoons and/or evenings Starting 8/13/07.Two players have joined so far we have room for 2-3 more. post here if your intrested post here ,or email me at anitad101401@optonline.net (anitad101401@optonline.net) Be well and Happy Hunting.


Vlad Taltos
11-30-2007, 10:49 AM
This game is full,thank you all for your intrest in this game.Be well and happy hunting!