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10-28-2018, 01:39 PM
This will be a weekly game, ideally on Wednesday's or Thursday's. I will be running the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path using the Pathfinder system. The game will be roughly 50/50 combat and roleplaying. Character backstories will be included as the story develops, and the more details that you inlcude in your backstory, then the more I will include your character in the story's details. The campaign site can be found here (https://legacyoffire-9.obsidianportal.com/). Picture Arabian Nights; genies, gnolls, and other outsiders; wishcraft; hot days and cool nights; and a way for the characters to carve out a space in the world to call their own.

From the campaign's front page:

In this campaign the heroes will start from humble beginnings in the vast grasslands and scrub desert of Katapesh, a nation known for its trade in anything deemed to have value and also home of the narcotic drug known as pesh. A land full of myth, magic, and superstition; where genies once warred against each other; and where riches are plentiful, if you can survive long enough to acquire them.
Where the heroes end up . . . is up to them . . .
The Legacy of Fire Adventure Path takes the heroes to all corners of the desert land of Katapesh (https://legacyoffire-9.obsidianportal.com/wikis/katapesh) and beyond, with journeys to strange demi-planes and even the fabled City of Brass, home to genies and beings of living fire.