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06-23-2018, 03:30 PM
This is an every other week Harford County based group looking for adventures to play pathfinder, socialize, and create new friendships. We are looking to play a very social game of Pathfinder, and perhaps branch out into other games as well, different roleplaying games, board games, and socializing in general.

All levels are encouraged to share contact information, PM, get in touch with me (Michelle). It doesn't matter if you are seasoned veteran or you are a new role-player.

We do ask that all players be over the age of 21, and that they come with a friendly, social-oriented attitude, and that their outlook on the game be one of cooperation and fun.

We are planning to meet during the weekend, at our home. We have two cats and two dogs, for those who may be allergic or avoidant.

We general meet, snack, and encourage people to bring collective snacks, and share meal duties. We game from 1-10 ish during the summer and 1-8 ish during the school year.

About us:

Jim is the DM and host.

Michelle is the organizer and wife.