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Garden Variety
01-28-2018, 08:10 PM
Hello all. I run a long standing, ten year in the making D&D campaign. It is composed of five campaigns which rather than a traditional campaign, happen simultaneously in the game world. That means that even though the games are years apart, characters, NPCs appear in other campaigns. It's hard to explain, but if you'd like to check us out, please feel free to explore our latest journals here, gazetteer as well.


A brief bit. Much more at the link above!

Believed to be the last remaining oral piece of the Kasillian Age, the Ballad of Light and Darkness is said to be a song of the common people. Few material cultural works exist from that era, and the Age of Simplification destroyed most of what might have been left after the war. However, the Ballad of Light and Darkness became an oral tradition, one in which the Order of Flame, could not quite eradicate. Strangely, the Ballad does not describe the victory of the Lighted Folks as described in the Liberation Scroll, but rather a “Darkening” and the rise of Heroes to fight as was done in the past. For this reason, it is considered blasphemous unless performed in Celn tradition and in the proper military context. When heard, the metaphor of the Heroes and their “Path” has spurred numerous Celns onto battle. It is often played before a great conflict, and always sung after a tremendous victory.

When Gaians hide from Lighted Day
When Erebus , in Night, holds Sway
When those above are shown the way
To dark and deep, forgotten Ket.
When Heroes sleep, but rise once more
When Sages reveal our ancient Lore
When great Kings and Queens from distant shores
Awaken from their peaceful reign.
When silhouettes a Ring of Three
There will in time, come Darkening
When lands do swell from what does breed
Below, in chilled and frozen seed.
When the words of Kasille are unknown
Protecting those who rise to throne
When Heroes deeds will make it shown
The road to the Path of Light.
A Time for those to pay the price
Of man’s betrayal committed thrice
The Lords of Darkness wait to rise
Commanding hordes to battle.
Listen to the Sage’s verse
Not prophets speaking soothing words
To aid us All, a few must hurt
Make idols new; then ruin’s curse.
The Warrior shall be duty bound
His weapon rests upon the ground
His mortal wounds shall bring him down
And he will rise anew.
The Trickster’s tool provides the spark
Between the Sunlight and the Dark
His hooded visage is the mark
His time will come again.
Great Mother’s blood will play a part
Her enemies fear a noble heart.
To end the Dark, the Light will start
Her nature’s noble passage.
The Dying God is he who bleeds
In search of knowledge that he needs
For surely it is he who leaves
Upon the table scrolls of reeds.

The Hero’s Journey is complete
In tome and deed the past does meet
Those Heroes from a distant land
With knowledge lost once in defeat

The shape of destiny may be
And time not just a memory
Open eyes in Sunlight and you’ll see
The path of untold victory.
Hold true with those in righteous might
Beware the traitors of the Night
Seek flame upon the path to fight
The Enemy within the Light.

The Sacred Chant
“United Light, Mankind’s Might.
Darkened Flame, Mankind’s Shame.
For the Sake of All, We Cannot Fall
In our darkened hour, we take our power.”