View Full Version : [LFG] D&D 3.x Gestalt That will allow me to use mongoose publishing

10-05-2017, 03:13 AM
Ok i haven't been on this site for yrs. And I know its pretty much dead in cyberspace, but i thought i give this a shoot here also besides other places I posted. (if jp and ashine doesn't ban me on the spot, I know he and she hates me and is looking to do it at any given moment oh good times good times in past lol) but here it is.

I would like voice/vrtt play not play by post.
I am looking for group for D&D 3.x Gestalt That will allow me to use mongoose publishing (I can provide books). I have a idea for a time mage I want to play but haven't had a chance to.
I am free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday after 3pm cdt and can play late.
Here is some about me.
My name is aaron, I am 39. I have played d&d sense 1rst edd. I am very familiar with D&D and Pathfinder. I have also been a GM for about 5-6 yrs now also. I love sandboxy style games, But i am open to others. I usually play a caster (arcane) or a gish style class for example spellsword.
Here would be books I used for idea.
Wizard of the cost
Unearthed Arcane
Tome and blood (3e)
Chronomancy. The Power Of Time
Divination. The All-Seeing Eye
Enchantment. Fire In The Mind
Nymphology. Blue Magic (this I will just use 1 spell and I will explain to gm)
Mist Elves

Now I am ok with altering it to make it more balance but I do ask something in return. That in what you balance is all reflected on everything and not here and there when you choose for it to apply. Basically consistency is what i am asking for.
Also as a general thing I don't mind if the players are min and maxers, or power gamers or so forth but at least don't deny it, and don't be the type I have chra of 39 but hell if I let you get that high kinda people. If you know what I mean. The selfish power gamers that only wants them selfs to be that way and everyone else normal.
So if you have a slot open. And willing to work with me please let me know. I can explain full concept over discord or skype before I fully join so you can get idea.