View Full Version : How about some D&D

09-10-2017, 11:20 AM
Due to the usual sort of RPG attrition we are down a couple of players. We would definitely like to have at least one, and wouldn't two, player(s) to join in our fun. We play mostly weekly on Monday evenings (630ish to 9/930ish) in an easy to get to players house in Milton, WA. If you are on the search for a serious, rules stringent, be deep in character game... keep on looking. We are a fun, often silly, damn the rules if they get in the way of exciting, interesting fun actions (you know, like that time Plop the Warlock did that thing ... ohh wait you weren't there were you). The DM (me!) is lenient and loves to adjudicate interesting ideas way more than he likes to enforce rules and sh*t.

There is usually beer (the finest handcrafted micro brews only please) and usually cookies (there is a cookie mini-game, but you have join to get it) and often chips (weird chip flavors).

We are bout to kick off playing Tomb of Annihilation. So if this is two years after ToA released, umm, you are too late. But still hit me up! Maybe we need more new players.

Adam (wrchylde at gmail)