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08-29-2017, 03:49 PM
Hello fellow adventurers. I'm looking for a rag tag group of travelers(elves, dwarves, humans, dragonborn and the like) to lead along a journey into the world of Userin, a kingdom of my own making. You will become part of a caravan to fight monsters, enter ancient crypts, learn magic, and earn gold. So, so much gold.
We would be using 5e with a few house rules thrown in for good measure to keep the quest moving smoothly. Are you are interested in a quest for glory, debauchery, loot, revenge or any other imaginary things people seem to quest for? If so don't hesitate to send me a scroll answering these burning questions. 1. How long have you been adventuring? New and old players are welcome and encouraged for this expedition 2. What type of campaigns do you typically enjoy? Do you find yourself drawn to being a murderous hobo, a mindless dungeon crawler, a deep kind-of folk with a tragic back story, or something in between. 3. Finally, when are you available and how often do you wish to roll the dice?