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06-24-2017, 01:20 AM
Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted:

June 24, 2017: Stewart Wieck (http://www.sjgames.com/ill/a/2017-06-24)

We received news late tonight, as I write this, that Stewart Wieck has passed away at the age of 49. His brother Steve wrote a brief note on the Tenkar's Tavern forum (http://www.tenkarstavern.com/2017/06/stewart-wieck-has-passed-white-wolf.html)*with a few details.

White Wolf was a titan of roleplaying in the 1990s and the early years of this century and its impact is still being felt in today's generation of RPGs.

I'm racing to get this news queued before midnight, and I'm sure we will have more to say about this next week. Stewart deserves more than this brief obituary.

SJ Games extends our sympathy to the Wieck family, to all who knew Stewart, and to the thousands of fans of his work over the last 25-plus years.

Andrew Hackard (andrew@sjgames.com)

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