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06-04-2017, 05:59 PM
All approved candidates will be allowed to select one miniature (in a specific pose), and create a RMSS character sheet to represent their character in the field. All PCs, played by the players, will be 28mm miniatures, engaging in tactical combat with tangos. Every scenario will have floorplans that each and every player will get familiar with.

For every session, the players may review the floorplan at any time for thirty minutes and discuss tactical entry points, ROEs, and/or what to do. After the thirty minutes is up, all players are required to set up their PCs at the specified zone(s). The GM will mark all Xs on the floorplan indicating that there are unseen target(s), or hostages. Not every X guarantees that it will be an unmoveable target. Once that target has been seen, the X will be crossed off with the 28mm model in play. Once the players have made their move, all seen enemy forces will move. Those that are unseen will be tracked by the GM.

Teams can be deployed as one squad, or split into different specialized squads: Blue, Red, Gold, White, Black, etc. elements. Each squad must have agreed on specified "go-codes" in which all PCs may dynamically enter a building, or place, at the same time.

The RPG may start sometime this year in 2017. What I will do is obtain the Rolemaster materials, the map(s), and the miniatures. These take some time. In the meantime, I'd like to meet candidates, who live in the Corpus Christi area, to email me and meet with me in person. The location specified in the thread is the Gamer's Den on Weber. The Gamer's Den will become our meeting point for all our sessions.

If this truly interests you, shoot me an email at huscurian@gmail.com with the subject heading [PRISM] (your name), a brief message explaining why you're interested and when you want to meet.

To meet with me, it's likely to depend on my schedule.

Thanks in advance!

06-17-2017, 02:19 PM
Prism International: A Rainbow Six Inspired RPG Update

I have found two players who are willing to play locally in the Corpus Christi area. I need about 4 more players.

Plans for Prism International

The RPG will kick off in a month or two. Meanwhile I gather the materials needed to start up the beginning sessions of a potentially long R6 campaign, I will be getting familiar with the RMSS, its character creation, combat rules, and understanding how to calculate combat/wounding/maneuvers rolls. This will take me a few weeks to get familiar with RMSS since i just got the rulebook a while ago. However, I would find some time to get my two players to meet with me and set up their characters. Nominally, it would be around one to three characters to start off with. Character Creation may take half a day to a full day; meeting place for character creation is at the Gamer's Den.

The storyline is still in the brainstorming stages, but floorplans are being drawn and will be implemented on the hexmap. All miniatures, no doubt, will be based on hex bases to determine frontal and side firing arc, flanking sides, and the back. The RPG will be played completely on hex and colors, by markers, will be legendized to determine what is a building, a window, a door, a brush, heavy tree, artic terrain, etc.

What to Expect at Your First Session

Your first session will involve all players getting familiar with their character sheets, picking their first miniature, and start on a very large MOUT floorplan. The MOUT floorplan will consist of several rooms to tactically clear. All players are issued their standard room clearing gear with specific weaponry. Each player is taught how to play, how to declare and determine ROE, maneuver, and tactically overtake the room. Completing the MOUT together will net the players precious experience points, getting them started on their second level.

if the players wish to continue further, a random floor plan, consisting of at least 3-4 enemies, will be picked. Scenarios will be randomized and force players to decide how to tactically end the scenario with minimal to zero losses. This will not push all players to the third level, but will give them at least enough experience points, and if needed, bonus points in other areas of character development, if possible.

Progress Notes

Here are the progress on the materials that I've gathered:

RMSS Rulebook
Weapon Law: Firearms
Black Ops
RM Office (laptop) and Combat Minion (web)
Six bags of dice with black pouches

The materials being mailed right now:

Chessex 34" x 48" MegaMat Map (1" hex/square) with Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Markers pack
1x SWAT Squad Alfa Miniatures (2 pc.)
1x SWAT Squad Bravo Miniatures (2 pc.)

Materials to be acquired soon:
1x SWAT Squad Alfa Miniatures (2 pc.)
2x Criminals miniatures (4 pc.)
3x Hostage miniatures (6 pc.)
Various Tokens
Character Record Sheet (for future scanning)
RMSS Player's Guide (for aspiring players to understand RMSS; low priority)
GameMaster Law (low priority)