View Full Version : Dungeons and Dragons Anyone?

02-15-2017, 06:10 PM
Hey, I'm Josh and I'm in the Tulsa area looking to find a new group to play Dungeons and Dragons with. My old group has largely moved away or stopped playing. I am fairly well versed in 3.5 and 5e from both a GM and a player's perspective. I would prefer to be a player for my first campaign with new people as I have not gotten to be a player in quite some time (I was always the GM). I live in Claremore but driving to the Tulsa area is no problem for me. If there's anyone out there feel free to PM me and let's talk dragons!

05-16-2017, 09:48 AM
Hey Josh, I'm Bryce. I'm moving to claremore in a few weeks and was wondering if you found a group, or were interested in trying to start one!

A little about me, I've been playing Dnd since middle school, I'm 31 now and enjoy playing and Dm'ing. I Prefer smaller groups we're each player gets more attention, probably around 4-5 players.

Sorry if this is a Necropost, hope to hear back from you!

05-17-2017, 07:20 AM
Never found anyone lol I'm pretty sure I'd at least have one guy to play with us if you were still interested. I hope your move goes well. If you're still interested when you get here, just send me a PM. This site is like a ghost town.