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01-19-2017, 01:46 PM
Link to the game ad on Roll20 (https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/67005/the-queen-of-dreams), where you can start a discussion/request to join.

Game Description:

Your people were there when the earth rose in anger against the sky that mocked it, shattering itself apart near the wide Uray river and sundering the once majestic forest in half.

Your people were there when the sky crashed into the ground, creating the moon-shaped Crescent Lake to the west.

Your people were there when the Elder Spirits appeared thereafter, becoming your new gods.

At least, that is what legends passed down over the generations might tell you.

A cool summer breeze blows gently through the tall, yellow-brown grass and hills that make up the great plains that your tribe, the Icotu, call home. Many hunters and warriors, trained from birth in their craft, have left the village in order to gather meat and supplies. Blacksmiths, leatherworkers and artisans tinker away at their chosen livelihoods, filling your village with the sounds of life. Women and children gather leaves from the tops of their wooden, straw huts, cooling down their homes before the sunny day announces itself in all it's glory.

Yet, others in your village have a more unusual task. They work at rebuilding what is left in the south-east of your village after an unexpected attack the morning before by another tribe's raiding party. Many of your people were killed, many others injured. Their leader, a giant of a man, carried a massive hammer that matched his size and dripped shadows like drops of water as he swung it.

The tribe was unknown to your people. Their motivations remain unclear.

Last night, your tribe held a meeting. Brave warriors were asked to step forward to answer the call of vengeance and to learn the truth of what happened.

You were one of the warriors.

Change rides the cool, gentle, summer breeze that blows through this valley.

Other Important Things:

I did not flag this as 18+ because there will never be explicit content in the game. That said, please be aware that there may be innuendo, descriptions of violence, and cussing.

No class or race restrictions, though the flavor of some may be altered to better fit the setting.

Each session should be about 4 hours long, and we will be attempting to meet weekly.