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01-06-2017, 09:01 AM
This is the world, if it were taken by the Puritans of Salem just after the Witch Trials. Here you choose a Loyalty (country to follow) and choose from a selection of classes that loyalty has. There are Hunters of the Dark World, Spell Casters, Shape shifters, and others that bring out the feel of the world. The 1d8 system lends itself to both the experienced and novice player, and the Character Build with out levels helps you gain in power as you see fit.

Salem World has launched on Drive Thru RPG, and sales are going well! So well, we have decided to do a New Year, New Game sale for you! Follow the link and receive the 10 dollar PDF for only 5 dollars until the full Hard Cover release later this month. This 116 page pdf contains both the Player's Guide and the Regent (GM) Section. It has been updated with period specific Art (from the 1600 - 1700's), and a new Monstrous Enemies add on for more choices.

Follow the link to the product homepage today, and play tonight!