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11-09-2016, 07:01 PM

Disclaimer - This game is going to be hosted at a gaming club in Colton CA. There is a small monthly membership fee in order to use the space, but the commodities and community of the club is well worth the small price. (The membership fee works out to less than 5 dollars a game session if you participate weekly. Less if you participate in other events hosted at the club, it's a great deal!).

I can go over full details of the game world through private e-mail, but a short synapsis is this:
-Pathfinder Rules System
- Primitive land, turned civilized, where the barriers between the prime plane and the elemental planes are thin.
-Ruling class of Planetouched Celestials and Infernals who did a sort of hostile take over of the world.
-Arcane Magic is YOUNG, so moderate to powerful magic items are incredibly rare and valuable.

I can go into much more detail if you're interested, just send me an e-mail regarding the game!

Good candidates:
- If you enjoy being challenged with social encounters as well as glorious combat encounters. 50/50 RP/Combat
-If you are 18+ years old, OR 15+ years old with parent involvement
-If you are not a "rules lawyer" or an "over optimizer". I reserve the right to say "this is really stupid that's not how it works" and I have no interest in having to scour the depths of the SRD to make sure your character isn't going to break my game.

I have 2 players confirmed and am willing to go up to, but not past, 7 players. Please send me an e-mail if this interests you!

Game sessions will be weekly on Sunday mornings 10-10:30 AM running into the early afternoon 2-3:00 pm. First session is November 27th!
Hope to hear from some gamers soon! Game on, fellow nerds. :)

11-09-2016, 09:31 PM
Sorry - One quick thing I forgot to mention.

The current players and myself have no interest in playing/running Evil campaigns. Good/Neutral aligned parties only, so if you're interested in playing an evil campaign, this is not the game for you. Apologies.